Ice Worlds: I’m Chilly Already

Now that it’s officially November I can start looking forward to winter.  As someone who grew up in a warm climate, I’ve always been fascinated with winter and icy climates.

In sf and fantasy, “ice worlds” are a natural place to go – an extreme version of our own toughest weather, all year, spread over an entire planet.  Whether it’s Julian May’s Denali or George Lucas’ Hoth, the elements prove just as much of a challenge as the forces of evil.

In video games, ice worlds were usually visually some of my favorites, but some of the most antagonzing in terms of gameplay – especially those darn Mario games.  My favorite frozen world, even with slippery ice, goes to Adventure Island II for NES – the ice world was a welcome change from the rest of the tropical dino climate.

What I want to know, however, is about your favorite wintery worlds in movies, literature or video games.  It doesn’t have to be an entire planet – it could even be a mountain.  And it doesn’t even have to be sf or fantasy.  Let’s make some cocoa, sit by the glow of the monitor and welcome winter by celebrating the iciest places we can think of!

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