AvatarArt Contest Winners: From Scary to Softie

scarysoftie Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

With the holiday being on a Saturday and the extra hour from the time change, Halloween this year was set up perfectly for maximum awesomeness.

Indeed, it would appear that everyone had such a great time that no one had any scary stories to share!  (Or maybe it took a few days to recover from the festivities).

Whatever the reason, the awesome people at AvatarArt have graciously agreed to give a free copy of Adventure Art to every person who shared their costume with us (that didn’t have a copy already), in addition to our randomly chosen Twitterer!

The six winners are:

  1. Oz
  2. Angille
  3. Dice_Girl
  4. Graham
  5. Aaron
  6. Twitter Winner:  @alterus

Congrats!  If you’re a winner, please shoot E an email (using the same email address you comment with so we know it’s you!).

It was a blast checking out the costumes that were submitted, and I’m glad I didn’t have to choose.

How do you feel about our kinder, gentler approach?  Should we have been mean and stuck to our guns, refusing to award the story prizes since there weren’t enough entries for a competition?  Or is it totally cool that the folks at AvatarArt helped everyone be a winner?  If you didn’t enter, what held you back?

Feel free to let us know!

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