Dear Anon-O-Box: How Do I Tell A Friend They Need Geek Dating Help?

Dear Anon-O-Box,

I’ve got a friend who is smart and successful (making really good money), but who can’t seem to make relationships last, largely because he keeps dating people who don’t really share his interests.

He’s a geek, and more of a geek than he realizes at times. I really think your service is perfect for him; unfortunately we’re not such close friends that I can just say “hey, you should check this site out.” Any suggestions on how to point him to your service?

- Friend Needs You

E answers:

Dear Friend,

Dating can be a very touchy subject.  I know this because I get the occasional hate mail or forum thread started about how horrible I am.  (And the more popular the site gets, the more of these things I see.  In foreign languages, even!  On a side note, I learned that in German, saying something is “salted” means it’s overpriced.)  While these things can hurt sometime, it’s always good to hear the public’s reactions to my business model.


You claim that your buddy needs me and he just doesn’t realize it yet.  You don’t want to link him to the site because you’re afraid he’s going to take it the wrong way and get super offended, perhaps jeopardizing your friendship.  Seems like a bit of a pickle?

No biggie – I have the solution for you.

You may notice that we write about a lot of other things here at Geek’s Dream Girl.  We have posts about D&D, sci-fi, geek movies & TV shows, 80s nostalgia, gaming conventions… all sorts of wonderful geeky things.   Heck, there was even that one time J wrote Star Trek / Outback Steakhouse fanfic.

Many of our clients say that they first came to Geek’s Dream Girl for the articles and eventually came around to the idea of becoming a client.  We’re certainly not an impulse buy!  (And we don’t expect to be!)

Why not point him to some of our more popular posts?  Check the sidebar for the Best of Geek Life and Best of Geek Love.   Use the search box in the toolbar to find other topics that might interest him and link him to those posts.

Get him hooked on reading us for other reasons and let him come to his own conclusions about his dating life.  Hopefully, he’ll come around.  (Most of ‘em do!  We’re awesome and cute and irresistible!  And modest, totally modest.)

Good luck!  You’re a great friend!

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