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My Awesome PCs

I gave my players 150 XP for coming up with a basic backstory for their character.  This helps me get an idea of what the characters are motivated by, their outlook on life and adventuring, and other little nuggets that will hopefully enable me to make the game more awesome.

But this post isn’t about me!

Here are my PCs.   This post will be updated as the game gains or loses PCs in the future.  (The game is open to guest players, so we’ll have some recurring guest stars as things go on…)

As a reminder, PCs started at level 5 because I wanted them to have some sort of history – something they might be known for in the world (whether they realize it or not).  They also had to end their story with being arrested and dragged off to prison.

Marthana “Jelly” Gellantara, Half-Elf Cleric

21 yrs old. wavy brown hair, fair skin, average build

Although most half-elves come from a long line of half-elves before them, Jelly does not consider herself one of the Khoravar. Rather, she is a child of two cultures, that of her human cleric mother, and her elf rogue father – not to mention a hodgepodge of others encountered in her life. Her parents met as adventurers, not fighting for any particular side in the Last War, but hiring themselves out for smaller assignments, and foraging among the fresh ruins and wilderness areas for items of value. Their traveling companions were a disaffected Warforged, a gnome sorceror, and a human ranger.

When Jelly was born, her parents settled down briefly in the Eldeen Reaches, but their old companions kept coming around, and they could not suppress their wanderlust for long. By the time Jelly was five or six, they’d gone on the road again, choosing, perhaps, less dangerous jobs than they might have in the past, but still satisfying their itch for adventure. Jelly followed in her mother’s footsteps, training with her as a cleric. This allowed her to stay at the back of the fray, while still lending a hand.

At the age of 18 she decided she needed to strike out on her own. A life of adventure was all she had known, and she decided to take it up, with all it’s excitement and endless variation.

The peripatetic life has made Jelly friendly and outgoing, easily connecting with new people she meets. She’s willing to give people the benefit of the doubt in a general sense, but she has also learned to trust her instincts about a situation, and since she’s had unusually more experience than your average 21 year old, her instincts are nothing to sneeze at. She’s upbeat to a fault, always looking for the positive side of a situation, stubbornly optimistic, though not naive.

Entering a city in her travels recently she found her self accidentally engulfed in mob of protesters. When law enforcement came to quell the riot, she was unfortunately rounded up with much of the crowd and hauled off in a paddy wagon.

Evan Macdowell, Human Rogue


  • Normal sized human male around 20 years of age.
  • Fair skinned, though tanned.
  • Athletic build.
  • Shoulder length black hair.


  • An honest(to a fault), polite, and mostly jovial man when not working.
  • Completely serious when working a job.
  • Hates failing a job and tries to perform the job to the letter. Nothing more, Nothing less.
  • Will take almost any job if the pay is good enough.

Backstory: “Orphaned during the Last War at a young age, Evan spent his childhood years without memories of his parents. He was raised in an orphanage for war orphans, and was eventually sold into slavery. Escaping from slavery in his mid-teens, he began working as a sellsword of sorts with a particular talent for long ranged sniping. Taking on jobs as simple as monster hunting to more complex jobs as high level assassinations., Evan has earned his way into adulthood. Recently, Evan has begun hearing rumors of a high level sorceress by the name of Evangeline MacDowell operating in the metropolis of Sharn. There was only two things that Evan knows about his mother: 1) She was a sorceress, and 2) Her name was Evangeline.

On his way to Sharn to investigate these rumors, Evan is arrested and jailed. Though never told exactly why he was jailed, Evan assumes it has to do with any number of political assassinations he has committed during the war. He’ll just bide his time until he is released or can put his escape skills into play.

Motivation: Not much drives Evan other than his need to perfect his craft, getting paid, and recently, to find out if his mother is somehow still alive.

Cyd, Genasi (?) Wizard

A young Stormsoul Genasi, Cyd possesses purple skin, a head covered by silver crystal spikes where most humanoids would have hair, and silver energy lines running across his skin in place of blood vessels. He is slightly larger and more muscular than a typical human male, and posses considerable physical strength. However, his mental prowess is even more impressive, as he has a mind ideally suited for wizardry.

Cyd is a man on the run. His earliest memories are from a short few years ago when he was imprisoned in the Towers of Arcanix, a subject of experimentation by the members of the Arcane Congress. He does not know wether he lost earlier memories, or if he did not exist before his time in the Towers of Arcanix. As there are no others like him in Eberron, Cyd has speculated that he could be a human endowed with elemental powers, a creature from another world, or a life created from scratch by the Arcane Congress.

In any case, the wizards of the Arcane Congress had a special interest in him. In addition to performing magical experiments on him, they began to teach him wizardry. Despite the reassurances of the wizards that they had his best interests in mind, Cyd did not want to be a prisoner. A year ago he was able to escape, and has been on the run ever since, convinced that the Arcane Congress is pursuing him, hoping to capture him and take him back to the Towers of Arcanix.

A few days ago, in a strange town, he was arrested. Cyd is not sure why he has been jailed, but he hopes it is just because of his suspicious appearance, and not the hand of the Arcane Congress at work.

Beatdown Machine, Warforged Fighter

The artificers of Karrnath were not as prized as their necromancers. While other nations relied on Warforged soldiers for their armies, Karnnath used the undead to fight in the Last War.

That didn’t stop one ambitious artificer from attempting to instill the wisdom and military strategies of Karrnath culture into a line of Warforged soldiers. One of the most successful creations was the Beatdown Machine, designed to be the perfect killing machine.

Beatdown Machine lead several successful missions in the Last War with his unit, gaining fame and improving the stature of Warforged in his nation. But then, the unit was ambushed, and the Beatdown Machine was separated. While he fought to return, he was caught in a trap that buried him underground, and became deactivated.

Years passed. The Mourning happened and the Last War ended. A few years after that, the spark of life returned to Beatdown and he emerged from the trap. While he was aware time had passed, he didn’t know that the war had ended, and quickly found himself arrested for starting fights. While he no longer has a unit, army, or country, he still fights his own personal war against any who would dare claim that he was anything but the perfect soldier.

…more to come!

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