Primal Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay A Druid

Thanks to the wonderful people at Wizards of the Coast, I have a shiny purple copy of Primal Power. It’s time for another series of E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay!

The first post in the series took a gander at everyone’s favorite anger management case, the Barbarian.  Today, we’ll look at our tree-hugging, garden-planting, recycling-before-it-became-cool friend, the Druid.

In no particular order:

#1 Level 2 Utility: Sudden Bite

“When a foe drops its guard, you change into a beast to strike.”

Jilene looks like a sweet and innocent elf.  In fact, she appears like she’s terrified of everything.  The sky looks like lightning bolts will fly out of it at any moment, her food always smells as though it’s been poisoned, and she’s never, never, EVER the first person to peer around a corner.  In fact, during battles, she makes it a point to stay as far back from the action as possible.  But when an enemy tries to run past her, she morphs into a black panther and swipes at the creature, snarling viciously.

#2 Level 5 Daily: Clinging Drones

“Immense insects cling to anyone who gets near you, making it difficult for them to move carefully.”

After years in the jungles of Xen’drik, Frank the half-giant has become more of a druid than a cleric.  Where he once used to summon a Celestial Bee to fight off undead (rather ineffectively when it came to damage, his party might add), he can not summon a swarm of giant bees that sting the enemy and slow it down.  Turns out that living amongst the kobolds in the jungle makes one a pretty good beekeeper.  “You’re covered in beeeeeeees!

#3 Level 16 Utility: Dryad’s Trees

“Two ancient trees spring up. You and your allies can move from one tree to the other with a single step.”

Thorn’s father wanted him to be a warlord, commanding soldiers, leading an army.  But Thorn wasn’t that kind of guy, really.  He was more of the plant a tree, hug a kitty, love your neighbor kind of guy.  Needless to say, his father disowned him at a young age.  Luckily, he was able to take refuge in the local druid grove.  He still grins when he throws acorns of primal energy across the battlefield and watches them sprout instantly into giant trees that his allies can use to gain better positioning.  If only his father could see him now!

#4 Level 29 Daily: Earth Maw

“You call forth a maw of earth and stone, which seeks to swallow your foe.”

Hew believes that some creatures are just born evil and that they need to be returned to the earth so they can be reformed into something good.  As such, he always buries creatures that the party kills.  In fact, he bought a bag of holding just to hold a large shovel.  When he cannot bury a creature with dirt, he covers it with a large piece of brown cloth (which he also carries in his bag of holding just for this purpose).  When Hew opens the great maw of the earth with this spell, he calls to his god, asking that the creature’s next life be more enlightened.

#5 Level 12 Spiral Wind Utility: Releasing Breath

“As your friend catches his or her breath, wind gusts past, making you and your allies harder to see.”

When Hunter decided he’d rather channel the wind than be as a wild beast, everything changed.  As his spirit wind whips around the party, he heals and protects them.  This is great, since the party recently lost their cleric.  What’s not so great?  Ever since the whole Spiral Wind incident, Hunter’s been significantly more chatty.  In fact, he doesn’t shut up.

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Stay tuned for posts on the shaman, and warden! In the meantime, grab your copy of Primal Power from or your Friendly Local Gaming Store.

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