Primal Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay A Shaman

Thanks to the wonderful people at Wizards of the Coast, I have a shiny purple copy of Primal Power. It’s time for another series of E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay!

We’ve already checked out everyone’s favorite anger management case, the Barbarian and the tree-hugging, garden-planting, recycling-before-it-became-cool Druid.  Now it’s time for the peace pipe smokin’ Shaman!

In no particular order:

#1 Level 2 Utility: Engaging Pursuit

“Your spirit companion follows your enemies closely, preventing them from escaping your wrath.”

Ever have a bear follow your every move?  It starts out annoying, then becomes frustrating, and eventually turns out deadly.  Friv loves sending Bobo after bad guys.  And hey, if there are no bad guys, it’s fun to make Bobo follow the cleric around.  That big city boy doesn’t know what to do with bears, even spirit ones.

#2 Level 7 Encounter: Hammer of the Grasping Tides

“Your spirit companion transforms into a thrashing tide – a tidal wave to your foes and guiding current to your allies.”

Moradin’s healers tend to be clerics.  But not Rartor.  He has always felt the call of the wilds outside of the mountains and found the ways of the shaman to mesh better with his lifestyle.  It’s no problem – Moradin has blessed him with a great hammer of water to beat down the bad guys.

#3 Level 15 Utility: Tree Father’s Bounty

“Trees erupt from the ground, battering your enemies and allowing your allies to skirt around the trunks to reach superior positions.”

Tweet believes there are never enough trees.  Whenever the party travels, she plants acorns and saplings.  She’ll even pour healing potions at the roots of ailing trees… or at least she did until the party took the potions away from her.  Because of her close connection to trees, she can summon them in the heat of battle, but she winces every time a tree takes a hit while shielding an ally.

#4 Level 22 Utility: Medicines of Many Forms

“You scatter medicinal herbs among your allies, healing body, mind, and spirit.”

Eelu loves herbs.  Eelu loves talking about herbs, collecting herbs, eating herbs, drinking tea made of herbs, and healing with herbs… but above all else, Eelu loves smoking herbs.  It’s rare to find Eelu without his special pipe.  Sometimes the herbs smell sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes savory.  His party have learned to predict Eelu’s personality based on the way he smells that day.

#5 Great Elder Level 12 Utility: Great Hymn of Nature

“In the spirit world, the song is many-layered and hours long.  In the natural world, you hum three bars and the spirits do the rest.”

Lyre’s parents were bards, and she traveled the world with them, listening to their songs.  While she decided to go the route of the shaman, she still believes in the great power of music and often sings her spells instead of simply saying the words of power.  In fact, her singing voice is so beautiful that she’s often been able to earn the party free meals by performing the many songs she’s learned throughout her life.

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Stay tuned for the last post in the series on the warden! In the meantime, grab your copy of Primal Power from or your Friendly Local Gaming Store.

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