Non-Geek Families: Do They Exist?

I’ve mentioned before that I have several siblings.  Growing up, we were definitely individuals; there are many differences: age, appearance, philosophy, likes and dislikes.  Just about every cliche group was represented: one trendy, one gothy, one blonde, one brunette, one cheerleader, one in the drama club. 

Here’s the thing, though.  We’re all adults now, and every one of us is an unabashed geek.

Sure, we all fit into some group or another in school, but when left to our own devices – comfortable, as adults, with all aspects of our personalities – the familial geekiness is undeniable, even if it takes different forms.

Naturally, I blame my parents.

So it makes me think about other geeks I know.   Did they come by their interests through parental influence?  Or are they in opposition to their families?

Here’s what I’ve noticed through my own observations: most of my geek friends, regardless of their particular flavor, have at least one parent with a related interest – say, maybe a parent reads light sf, and their kid eventually gets into LARPing.  And while siblings may struggle to do different things to define themselves, to stand out, there’s still a level of comfort throughout the family with geeky subjects -  maybe the whole family will watch a Muppets Christmas special every year.

I can’t think of one geek I know whose parents were diametrically opposed to them, or who actively discouraged their interests.  But admittedly, my pool of data is small.  So I want to know:  are you the odd person out in your family?  How did you stumble upon your geek flavor?  And do you find being a geek is different as an adult than it was as a teen?

And if you have children, or plan on having them in the future, is there anything you feel must be introduced to your geekling?

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