Primal Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay a Warden

Thanks to the wonderful people at Wizards of the Coast, I have a shiny purple copy of Primal Power. It’s time for another series of E’s Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay!

We’ve already checked out everyone’s favorite anger management case, the Barbarian, the tree-hugging, garden-planting, recycling-before-it-became-cool Druid, the peace pipe smokin’ Shaman, and now we’re on the final class – the paladin of the forest, the Warden.

In no particular order:

#1 Level 1 Encounter: Roots of Stone

“The burst of primal energy you unleash ripples through the ground around you and limits your foes’ movement.”

Starmus loves to be the center of attention.  He’ll round up all the creatures and bring them all to him, just so he can show off.  Some of his party members say he’s just showing off how well he bleeds, especially the cleric, who often has to go into her last reserves of power to keep him alive.  But death doesn’t phase Starmus – it’s just another stop along the circle of life, death, and rebirth.

#2 Level 6 Utility: Returning the Gift

“You draw on your strength to return the aid given to you by an ally.”

Dynna’s mother raised her right.  “Always give back,” she said. “Never take without giving.”  Dynna lives by these words and is very gracious to all that she meets.  She cleans up her own room at the inn before checking out, she tips her bar wenches well and in battle, she helps the allies that help her by mirroring their beneficial spells back to them.

#3 Level 16 Encounter: Sun Fire Guardian

“Enemies that try to strike your ally are blinded by golden light.”

It’s no secret that Karn has the hots for the cleric.  He follows her wherever she goes, he won’t let her out of his sight, and his first matter of business in any battle is to be sure that she is safe. He’ll drop anything he’s doing to rush to her aid, or at least close enough to send the sun fire guardian to protect her if she’s being attacked.

#4 Level 22 Encounter: Strength From Death

“You gain renewed vigor when an enemy falls.”

Trunk is a warforged who grew up in the forest.  Although there’s very little natural about him, he feels the need to protect wildlife and all those who inhabit the forests of the world.  Killing those who threaten that way of life gives him great pleasure.  Every time one enemy falls, a giant grin spreads across his face as he raises his sword and rushes for the next target.

#5 Earth Shaker Level 12 Daily: Tread The Earth

“You dive within the earth and move through it quickly, gaining advantage over unsuspecting enemies.”

They call him the Dirty Dwarf.  In fact, nobody remembers his real name because they’ve always known him as Dirty.  His hair in dreads, his skin caked in dirt, he’s a fearsome warrior.  When he suddenly started burrowing into the ground during battles, it didn’t really surprise his party much.  He’s always been half dwarf, half bulette.

That’s all, folks!

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