Virgin DM Monologues: Househunting in Sharn Shouldn’t Be Dangerous, Right?

Welcome to the recap of the fourth session of my Eberron game, which took place on Tuesday, November 24, 2009.

To recap, our adventurers recently discovered the murder mystery was simply a test devised by Jes and her employers from House Tharashk.  The airship piloted by Ren d’Lyrandar arrives at the enclave to pick up the adventurers, Jes, and Frank (whose passage was paid by Beatdown in exchange for a cut of his book profits).

Once in flight, the party realizes there’s another guest aboard the airship. A mysterious but soft-spoken Kalashtar bard named Eruskayan introduces himself and mentions that he has seen them in a vision and knew he’s be traveling with them for a time. His offer to write a ballad about the party’s exploits intrigues Beatdown.

In his classic monotone voice, Beatdown starts telling the racist jokes he learned in the last few days to the new party member.  Eru politely changes the subject.

“What is your destination?” he asks.

“Vengeance!” barks Beatdown.

Eru looks confused. “Vengeance… is that a town?”

Luckily, Jelly is a much better conversationalist and soon she and Eru begin speaking easily about their histories.  Eru shows the party how he can send thoughts to them with his mind, which freaks Beatdown out a bit. (He accuses Eru of being a ventriloquist.)

Getting Rid of the Absentee Players

Upon arrival in Sharn, Jes gives Cyd and Evan directions to the University, where they are to deliver Frank and his collection of notes for his book on the red kobold tribes.  Once they’ve delivered Frank, they are to meet up with the rest of the party.

(Frank’s original player, Dan/Autumnschild, may be writing up a skill challenge for Cyd and Evan’s players to take place on our Obsidian Portal forum.  Give them a way to have a bit of the story and catch up on the XP they missed.)

Meeting the Boss

Jes escorts the adventurers to the Middle Wards, where they come to the office of Globe Information Agency, one of House Tharashk’s investigative services.

It appears the boss lady, Kava Velderan, is out of the office, but her assistant invites the party in to sit down and help themselves to a drink or snack.  He explains that the boss is very busy with an important case that’s just about to break, so she’ll hopefully be back shortly. Then he leaves the room.

Also in the waiting room of Globe Information Agency is an elf ranger and his white wolf.  He introduces himself as Vaelin Eldrannis and his wolf as Baldur.  They worked in the service of the king of Valenar, but recently set out to explore on his own.  He tells the party of his trip through the Mournland to get to Sharn.

Beatdown is very concerned.  What is this… Mournland?  The last time Beatdown was active, it was still during the Last War.  Cyre was still a nation. But now, Vaelin explains, it’s a horrible place full of death.

Kava Velderan, head of Globe Information Agency, arrives into the office, and seems very preoccupied. She’s talking a mile a minute. Very glad the party’s arrived, oh, and the bard is here, great! (It’s unclear whether she even knows the bard or is mistaking him for someone else.) She apologizes for her absence – big case about to break, y’know – but she has an apartment hunter to help the party find a place to live in town.

Enter Cecily McGinty.  She looks like little orphan Annie, but all grown up. Big pouf of curly red hair, big smile, very excited to be there. She drags the party all around the Middle Wards, chattering away about the neighborhood and the different things you can find there.  “There’s a very low crime rate in this neighborhood,” she says.

Cecily Speaks Too Soon, aka Encounter 1

Just as Cecily is remarking on the low crime rate, the party hears a woman scream that her coin purse has been stolen and they see a half-elf run by with it.  The party leaves Cecily in the dust to tail the thief.

The thief ducks into a building, down the stairs, and out at the next level.  Beatdown jumped over the ledge, landing squarely in front of the lower door to the tower, blocking the thief’s escape.  But, as it always goes, thieves in a city tend to have equally sneaky and nasty buddies.

  • 4 Human Lackeys (minions)
  • 1 Human Berserker
  • 1 Dire Wolf
  • 1 Half-Elf Con Artist

The party meets up with Beatdown on the lower level to fight the group of thugs and nearly loses the con artist when he sneaks off into the shadows and tries to run away.  But his cockiness got the better of him and he gave away his location to try to snipe at the fighter one last time.

Beaten to a pulp and whimpering with his last breath, the dire wolf heeds Vaelin’s words and stops attacking to lick his wounds.

Coin purse retrieved, the party goes back upstairs to return it to a very thankful woman, who opens the purse and rewards them with a gem.  Cecily looks very sheepish and like she wants to eat her words about the quality of the neighborhood.

After a short walk, the party comes to the property Cecily had in mind for them, a fairly large apartment on the border between two neighborhoods – Deathsgate, the adventurer’s neighborhood, and Little Barrington, an average residential neighborhood.  It’s also fairly close to Dragon Towers, where they’ll be reporting to their employer’s offices.

Cecily pulls a keyring from her belt and opens the door to the building. The party hears a woman screaming inside.  It’s clearly coming from the upper level of the apartment.  Cecily is very surprised – this place was supposed to have been empty for a couple months!

A Not-So-Empty Apartment, aka Encounter 2

Vaelin climbs the outside of the building to look in the upper window while the party finds themselves fighting (and arguing with) a guard who has run down the stairs.  Through the window, Vaelin can see a man forcing himself on a young woman.  Vaelin breaks the window and climbs inside.

  • 1 Human Noble
  • 2 Human Veterans
  • 1 Human Javelin Dancer

The party finds themselves fighting off these people who are using an empty apartment as a convenient place to engage in unwholesome activities.  Vaelin battles the noble in the upstairs bedroom while Jelly, Eru, and Beatdown fight the guards below.

That is, until the noble summons his guards to come help him. Vaelin is almost overpowered, but in the end, all the bad guys are dead and the girl is saved. She’s just a simple washerwoman who moved to Sharn to earn a living after her parents were killed in the war.  These men kidnapped her and brought her to this building and if the party hadn’t shown up in time… she’s very grateful that they saved her.  Vaelin brushes her off, but takes her up on the offer to wash his blood-stained clothes for free.

Cecily comes out of the corner where she’d been hiding and holds up the contract… “So… um….”

“We’ll take it!” Beatdown exclaims. “Does this kind of stuff happen every day?”

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