Winter Holidays: The Geek Invasion

starwarsxmas2On a recent trip to the mall, I ducked into the Hallmark store and drooled a bit over their Ecto-1 ornament.  And then I caught myself: Ecto-1 ornament?  Seriously?  An ornament for a movie that’s over 20 years old and has less to do with holiday cheer than Lethal Weapon?

There’s no doubt about it: the geeks are taking over the holidays.

It is ridiculously easy to have a Christmas tree with a Star Wars theme.  Harry Potter is considered a holiday staple, even though the holidays aren’t really emphasized in the books any more than exams or summer.  And now you can buy leg lamps from A Christmas Story and trees from A Charlie Brown Christmas, thus closing the geek-holidays-geek circle.

Don’t get me wrong – I love that one can proclaim their geek flavor while making merry, and my own holiday traditions are pretty much equal parts Santa and geek.  I just wonder when this shift occurred.

I’m sure geeks have been theming up their winter holidays for years, just like they do Halloween and pretty much every other celebration, but as for myself, I recall being thrilled at buying an ornament of a little grey skiing alien around 1998.  That’s also around the time I noticed the Star Wars ornaments popping up, when unconventional trees really began to be, well, conventional.

So why the change?  My theory: the first generation of proud, loud geeks in mass quantities hit adulthood and began to start their own families and holiday traditions, with their own money.  Add that to the fact that those who enthusiastically decorate for holidays are often a geek of some flavor, and it’s a perfect fit.  It’s purely my speculation, of course, but there has to be some reason why the holiday season has as much hobbit as snowman nowadays.

And what of you?  Is your “tree” actually a large green Dalek?  Does Santa arrive in a flying saucer?  Will you celebrate the first snowfall by taking a romp through Northrend?  Personally, I think winter is the perfect time to leap on someone’s back and call myself a snobold, but I want to hear your ideas, too!

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