10 Geeky Stocking Stuffers


Looking for an inexpensive, geeky gift this holiday season?  Whether you’re playing Secret Santa or looking to fill some stockings, here’s 10 geeky gifts at or under $10, and guaranteed to thrill a geek down to their toe socks.

Doctor Who Cell Phone Alert Charm, $9.99, ThinkGeek – Maybe you have to leave your phone on silent, or maybe you’re like me and eventually tune out whatever ring tone you have.  Stick this little Dalek nearby (you can attach him to bags and the like) and he will flash and spin when your cell gets a call.  When a Dalek moves, you pay attention.

Three Keyboard Cat Moon Tee, $10, Threadless – A perfect storm of Internet memes, this shirt is perfect for the geek who “gets” every Internet joke.  Ever.

Exterminate Tote Bag, $10, Etsy – geekboypress – Back in the day, shopping on the Internet meant you’d find cool stuff that no one else in town had.  This is one step further – handmade!

World of Warcraft Soundtrack, $9.99, Blizzard – Anyone who’s played WoW has an opinion of the music (personally, Grizzly Hills is my favorite for epic ambience).  If your geek is a fan of the scores for the original game, this is right up their alley.

Against the Fall of Night, $9.95, Amazon  An Arthur C. Clarke novel that, frankly, I absolutely love.  Wonderful for geeks of pretty much any age, as long as their reading level is appropriate.

NASA Kitchen Astro Mitts, $9.99, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Space Shop – Do you know someone who likes to narrate their cooking experience?  These mitts are for them – and maybe thinking of the slow-moving astronauts will save a spill or two.

RiDATA Flash Drive, $9.99, Newegg – Pretty much any computer-user will need one of these at some point.  Might not be glamorous, but it’s extremely useful – something a geek will appreciate.

eStick Drumsticks, $7.99, Sam Ash – One you start getting good at Rock Band, the inevitable next step is to get better drumsticks.  These are specifically designed for electric drum pads.

Husky Precision Ratcheting Screwdriver set, $4.88, Home Depot  – Small, inexpensive, and useful in endless ways.  Any geek worth their salt will need one of these – if they don’t have their own set of screwdrivers already.

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries and Charger, $7.99, Walgreens – The holidays mean toys, and toys mean batteries.  You’d think this would die down as we age, but instead, our toys go wireless, and we need batteries all the more.  Rechargeable is better.

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