Top 10 Geeky DVDs to Buy This Holiday

DarkSidePosterWith CDs on the way out, DVDs have taken over as the easy holiday gift, but sometimes our geek friends are a little difficult to buy for.  Here are 10 geeky DVDs to consider (or maybe even to add to your own list).

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side – Whether your geek is a major fan of Star Wars or Family Guy, this parody of The Empire Strikes Back is sure to be a hit.  You might want to make sure they’ve also seen Blue Harvest, the parody of A New Hope.

District 9 – This sci-fi thriller, set in South Africa, brings a distinctly different flavor to the typical big-budget alien flick.  Good for the geek who likes both aliens and action and doesn’t mind a little (okay, a lot) gore.

Inglorious Basterds – Tarantino’s latest is an epic WWII movie filled with conspiracy and, yes, more than a little blood.  I’ve included the link to the 2-disc Special Edition because I’ve never met a Tarantino fan that wasn’t scrambling for extras.

Push – A group of Americans with special powers are on the run in Hong Kong.  This movie is underrated, in my opinion, and manages to stay away from being too similar to Heroes or X-Men.  It also manages to have a indie feel to it, despite the big-budget visuals.

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut – If you know a Watchmen geek who saw the movie on opening night, chances are they either liked it because it was close to the source material, or whined about the source material that didn’t make it in.  This edition – combining the Director’s Cut and the Tales of the Black Freighter – is for them.

The IT Crowd – I’m tossing this one in because I firmly believe most geeks will love it.  I’ve written a longer review already.  If these British goofballs seem like they’ll appeal to your geek, give them a chance!

Star Trek – With all the geek-oriented movies that came out this year, it might be tempting to forget about this reboot.  Rare that a movie with so much hype and advertising, as well as a critical, ingrained fanbase, actually does well with pretty much all audiences.  This was definitely one of the good eggs of the year.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Ultimate Edition) – Now that they’re almost done making all the Harry Potter movies, they’ve starting coming out with what will supposedly be the final DVD editions.  This first one features four discs of goodies.

Ghostbusters 1 & 2 – The release of the Ghostbusters game this year, as well as increased rumors about a third installment, have brought a renewed interest in the 20-year-old franchise.  And now you can get both movies, a host of special features including some of the cartoon series, and a little booklet, inexpensively.

Metalocalypse, Season One – This show from Adult Swim is not for the faint of heart – either from the gore or the skull-melting music.  The animated show combines mostly-related plot lines with fictional music videos (think Jem, only, you know, more hardcore).  This one’s for the geek that… well… if it’s a fit for them, I’ll bet you already know.

How about you?

What other DVDs are on your wishlist this year?

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