E’s 2010 Goal Word (Not Resolution!)

Disclaimer: This is NOT E's butt.2010 is nearly upon us (unless you’re one of our Aussie readers, in which case you’re already there!) and instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided to go with Chris Brogan’s method of choosing words to guide me through the year. If you’re single, check out my suggestions on how to use this method to improve your dating life.

I have three goal words, but will be sharing one big one with you all because I really, really, really want you to help me stick to it.  Whether it’s by sending me a tweet once in a while, commenting on a post, or even sending me an email, hold me accountable, okay?  Then when I’m hot, I’ll send y’all bikini pictures.  Okay, maybe not.  But maybe. We’ll see.

Maybe we’ll chat in a hot tub at GenCon.

My word is…


More about healthstyle can be found at SummerTomato! Ever since I found Darya and her site, I’ve been a huge fan. She’s a scientist, a foodie, and knows how to get healthy while eating awesome food. Check out her guest post called Get Fit By Becoming A Food Geek.

Paths to Healthstyle

Path 1: Cook more meals at home (eat out less that 3 meals per week)

  • Distractions: being unprepared (not going food shopping), unexpected schedule changes, parties/company, being lazy, free food at work
  • Steps to the path: Plan out menus/recipes for a whole week, regular days for food shopping to stay stocked up, extra meals in the freezer for quick dinners, plans for breakfast, Salad Club at work
  • The finish line: Being a better cook, fewer cravings, energy, losing weight, buying smaller clothes, being #fit4gencon!

Path 2: Make appointments for exercise and show up

  • Distractions: being lazy, making excuses, not waking up, not having gym clothes, bad weather
  • Steps to the path: Set regular schedule for every day, do laundry regularly, set out gym clothes at night, don’t make excuses
  • The finish line: A regular exercise habit that I look forward to doing, more energy, losing weight, more toned muscles, buying smaller clothes, being #fit4gencon!

Path 3: Indulge in moderation

  • Distractions: wanting to indulge more (or more often), being in situations where it’s hard not to indulge or where healthy choices are unavailable, letting myself fall off the wagon after one or two bad days, free snack food at work
  • Steps to the path: Identify things that are worth indulging in and enjoying those fully. Avoiding mindless indulgences like chips, cookies, etc, that aren’t unique or worthwhile. At work, eat nuts, fruit, or Salad Club veggies as snacks. Find ways to celebrate that don’t hinge on food.  Drink more wine.
  • The finish line: A healthy lifestyle that still involves cheesecake, chocolate, and wine.
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