Virgin DM Monologues: Wrapping Up The Mystery at the Arcane Academy

Welcome to the recap of the sixth session of my Eberron campaign, which took place on Tuesday, December 29, 2009.

This is the second half of the modified version of  Danger at White Lotus Academy by Peter Schaefer. In the previous session, the adventurers were sent to the Arcane Academy of the Esoteric Order of Aureon to investigate some weird goings-on… and sure enough, strange things were happening at the Academy.

Evan meets up with the party, having been working with Kava’s people to install new and improved locks on their new house. The party attempts to explain to Evan what had gone on, and Beatdown implies that he killed a building.  (Killed a building, “diplomed the heck” out of a library, same thing, right?)

But it’s Brick the goliath warden that comes up with the best quip about the previous adventure:

“Some dummies came to life… and I don’t mean us.”

The party walks across the campus to the Arboretum, where they’re supposed to meet Tevors and give him the book about the practice mannequins. But when they get to the sundial, Tevors is nowhere to be seen.  There are plenty of neat trees and plants of all different shapes and sizes and colors, though. What’s that? Something’s moving!!

The party is attacked by various shrubberies, including a Shambling Mound. This was a pretty fun encounter. I liked the Vine Horrors and their acid clouds and vines of dread, especially smacking the wizard in the face with the fine. Mwah ha ha. Also fun? Pushing the fighter toward the rest of the party so the other vine horror could blast them with his acid.

The party taunts the plants, including Brick’s insult to the vine horror:

“Your mother was a hothouse flower!”

Cyd tries to burn the plants with his Scorching Burst, but as luck would have it, he misses both plants and scorches Beatdown Machine. Meanwhile, Evan has been up a tree the entire fight, sniping from above.  Beatdown screams, “FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME CYCLONE!” as he fires off his little swordmage trick… but sadly, rolls a 2. So much for that idea.  It was our bard who took down the Shambling Mound with the Song of the New Dawn. Go Eru!

Once all the plants are dead:

Cyd the Wizard: Do they have magical items?

DM: They have pointy sticks…

Cyd the Wizard: Are the magical?  *rolls Arcana*  I roll a 1!

The party heals up and carefully investigates to be sure no more plants will be coming to life.  A student wanders by and they ask him where to find Tevors. He says he’s pretty sure he saw him going to the Headmaster’s Hall and leads them there.  The perky receptionist tells them that Professor Tevors is meeting with the headmaster at the headmaster’s private residence.  The student offers to walk them there.

The last time the party saw the headmaster, he was sleeping in his office. When he woke up, he yelled at them to go away. They’ve decided to refer to him as “headmonster.”

Turning the corner to the headmaster’s residence, they see something is horribly wrong. The headmaster is on the ground and someone is standing over him, chanting.


- Jelly

It is Tevors, but something looks really wrong about him. He’s glowing with some sort of evil energy and his body is partly furry, partly bony. It’s really strange, like nothing they’ve seen before.  Evan the rogue shoots Tevors, hitting him hard and Jelly the cleric summons her spiritual weapon, the ladle of Arawai.

This caster had eleventy billion minor actions. Seriously. The good thing was that he was able to teleport, so I could poof out of harm’s way pretty easily.  This was important since Brick and Beatdown like to gang up on people.  Evan is pesky since he can shoot from so far away (and perched up on a roof). Eventually, the party manages to take down Tevors.

They rush over to the headmaster to make sure he’s okay. He tells them that some evil had been taking over the school and that he had been using all his power to try to stop it, but couldn’t.  When he was asleep on his desk, it was that he had totally exhausted all his energy.  Now that the evil entity is destroyed, the headmaster recovers quickly.

The party tries to chat him up and convince him to give over tons of goods. He explains that he’s already paid Globe for their services, but if they’d like to spend some time on campus and learn some new tricks, they’re more than welcome to stick around.

They go back to loot Tevors’ body of its magical items and notice that it’s morphed back into the form of the human professor, but his hands are on backwards. That’s certainly odd… the adventurers wonder if maybe Tevors is a rakshasa…

The headmaster invites them to come with him to the dining hall, where they make excellent macaroni and cheese – you know, the kind with the crumbly stuff on top. As they turn back for one more glance at Tevors’ body, they find that it has disappeared.

The headmaster sighs.  “That’s the last time I use a visiting professor.”

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