Y’s Top 5 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’ll bet you’re still caught in the void of gift-giving amnesia. Sure, roses are beautiful and chocolates are sweet – IF you lack originality! It’s just so cliche and more over-played than Slave Leia!

This Valentine’s Day, why not give your lover something that will bring the spark out of your fantasy and into your pants?!

Here are the top 5 sexy gifts your special geek will just love!

5. Read Together

Reading doesn’t have to be boring even if it doesn’t include dark elves or Imperial forces! 1,001 Best Places to Have Sex in America: A When, Where, and How Guide is a fantastic book that will give you tons of ideas about places to get down and dirty. Whether you want to experiment around the house, get in tune with nature, or get caught in the act, you’ll find plenty of ideas here.

4. Adorable Naughty Toys

I Rub My Duckie Personal Massager – This little guy is not only pleasurable but cute. He looks all sweet and innocent, too, so you don’t have to worry about hiding him when you have guests.

If she’s not a duck fan, there’s an entire line of various cute creatures to choose from!

3. I Salsa You

Sign up for a weekend course of salsa classes and let the heat move your feet while you dance the dance of sex!

2. Paint together

A perfect opportunity to connect with each other on a more private level! Grab some body paint and take turns painting “outfits” onto each other and watch the excitement begin!

1. Couples Massage

Take it as advice from a therapist and find a nice spa in town! Treat you and your lover to an afternoon of sensual relaxation! Studies have shown that romance and interest ignite when two bodies connect in a peaceful and comforting environment!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Email me if you’d like to ask a dating & sex related question – I’m looking for your questions to write more “Ask Y” columns.

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