A Laugh and a Lesson: “My Girlfriend Gave Me Harpies”

“My Girlfriend Gave Me Harpies” by Jared von Hindman of Head Injury Theater

It started with a Google Search…

For my 2nd blogiversary post, I looked through Google Analytics to find the wackiest things people had googled to get to my site. The one that had me nearly crying with laughter was the person who had googled: “My girlfriend gave me harpies.”

Of course, he ended up at this post: No wonder harpies are so angry. In it, I explain that any female with lack of proper breast support is going to be pretty irritable.

Then it was an idea…

So I pinged my friend Jared from Head Injury Theater because I thought it would be hilarious to have a picture of that search.  And if you’ve seen Jared’s work, you know exactly why he’s the artist for the job!

This painting cracks me up even more than the Google search did!

Then I saw this article…

Evan Marc Katz, a great dating coach for women, posted this link on his Twitter. It’s a story about a guy who met a cool girl, had sex with her unprotected, and then learned THE NEXT DAY that she had herpes.

We can certainly laugh about harpies on your junk, but herpes is real and it isn’t a joke. Put on a raincoat before you go someplace wet, okay guys?

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