Overused Online Dating Profile Phrases: “I love to laugh”

I’m starting a series of posts called Overused Online Dating Profile Phrases.  If you are guilty of using one of these phrases in your online dating profile, please use the advice in the following article to clean up your act and make your profile more unique!

If you’ve gotten this post sent to you, it means your friend is nicely letting you know that you’re guilty of the heinous crime of having a boring profile with overused phrases.  Take a deep breath, realize that they still love you and are only looking out for your future well-being.

OVERUSED PHRASE:  “I love to laugh” or “I want someone who loves to laugh”

Who DOESN’T love to laugh?  I posed this question to my Twitter followers, and we came up with the following list of people who do not love to laugh:
  • People recovering from a rib fracture
  • People who have recently done too much Pilates
  • People with a throat illness
Let’s face it – even evil villains love to laugh (at the expense of others, of course).

You’re Saying Nothing Special

When you write a phrase like “I love to laugh,” you’re trying to say something like:

  • I like watching comedy movies
  • I like stand-up comedy
  • I am a bit of a comedian / I hang out with people who are really funny
  • I’m very lighthearted
  • I can find the humor in everything in life

Notice how all of those bullets above are more descriptive and interesting than “I love to laugh.”

From Overused to Unique

How much more interesting would your profile be if you used one or more of those specifics instead?

BEFORE:I love to laugh.

AFTER:I have to admit, my Friday nights while single have largely consisted of hanging out at my best friend’s house watching stand-up on Comedy Central and laughing our asses off. But I’d love to get out to an actual comedy club sometime – want to drive into the city with me?

If you love to laugh, what do you most like to laugh about? Post a comment, even if you aren’t single!

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