Overused Online Dating Profile Phrases: “My friends describe me as…”

Welcome to another edition of Overused Online Dating Profile Phrases.  If you are guilty of using one of these phrases in your online dating profile, please use the advice in this series of articles to clean up your act and make your profile more unique!

If you’ve gotten this post sent to you, it means your friend is nicely letting you know that you’re guilty of the heinous crime of having a boring profile with overused phrases.  Take a deep breath, realize that they still love you and are only looking out for your future well-being.

OVERUSED PHRASE:  “My friends describe me as…”

Ooof, do I read this one a LOT.  It’s one of those “if I had a nickel” phrases. The typical dating profile starts with the “I don’t know why I’m here” phrase, followed by the “I guess I”ll tell you a little about me” phrase, and then instead of doing that, you launch into the “my friends would describe me as” list.  Let me tell you why that last one is not what you want to write.

You’re Admitting Something Important – But Not Good

Even though the phrase is overused, it doesn’t mean it’s any good.

When you launch into “my friends describe me as,” what you’re admitting is that you’d rather not own up to your own qualities. You’d rather pin the blame on your friends instead of saying it yourself.  It’s like sending a cover letter to a job that is just a list of quotes from previous employers. Sure, it may give a picture of who you are, but it would mean a lot more if it were written in your voice.

From Overused to Unique

Take a look at the list of adjectives you’ve written after “my friends describe me as…”  (No, I’m not psychic. It’s just that 99% of you list 2-4 adjectives after that phrase.)

Think about a way that you can describe yourself in your own words using those adjectives.

BEFORE:My friends would describe me as loyal…

AFTER: I’m the kind of guy my friends know they can count on. I once took a cross-country road trip with a college buddy so he didn’t have to drive a U-Haul to Oregon alone.

How do your friends describe you? How do YOU describe you?

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