Desperately Seeking Sonic: Looking For New Games to Love

I’ve always loved video games, but growing up I was often behind the curve.  I had a Commodore64 and a ColecoVision when I was very young, but hit a lull in home entertainment until I had a GameGear at age 10.  In the middle, I was obsessed with my friends’ Nintendos (one actually gave me hers years later, and I still have it) and Segas (received one as a present in 1997, and it was still amazing).

However, by the time I had those consoles, most kids my age had moved on to Nintendo64 and Playstation.  I played a few Playstation games (most notably the Final Fantasy ones) but the next console I owned was a PS2, in 2002.  When I was in college, I seemed like the retro dork with my Nintendo… but really, I had never stopped playing it.

Now, as an adult, I can afford to keep up a little better.  I have a 360, and a Wii, and a DS Lite, somewhere.  However, while the 360 has been a worthy console due to Rock Band, the truth is… aside from Rock Band, I haven’t really, really loved any other new-console game.  And I’m beginning to wonder if my tastes aren’t simply, well, simple.

I can still get completely engaged in DS games like Professor Layton, but Gears of War was lost on me.  Some games hold my interest for brief periods of time, but unlike, say, Sonic 3, I never get the urge to go pop in Oblivion and have a whirl.  Some of the games that I have liked the most on 360?  Games purchased through XBox Live – Boom Boom Rocket and Braid.   As for the Wii, I do enjoy Wii Fit, and some of the games are great for parties, but for one-on-one playing the novelty wears quickly.

I don’t completely have the attention span of a gnat – as I’ve mentioned before, I loved the Kingdom Hearts series, and I will eventually try out Final Fantasy XIII.  Maybe it’s that World of Warcraft takes all my long-term gaming attention?

So here’s what I’m thinking: either the new consoles and new games are leaving me behind – which makes me feel old but isn’t the end of the world – or I simply have gaps in my gaming education (notice I essentially made the jump in controllers from the fairly simple PS2 to the 360) that predispose me to certain kinds of games. Maybe I’m just not trying out the right games on these new consoles.  And that’s where I turn to you: what would you recommend to a girl whose tastes are decidedly old-school?

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