Dear Anon-O-Box: Is “(No Subject)” Worse Than “Hi” For A Dating Email Subject Line?

Dear Anon-O-Box,

I know it’s important to create a subject line that stands out. I usually don’t write the subject until after I’ve written a good email, because I want the subject to relate to something in the email. But, at times, I’ve forgotten to put something in the subject before clicking “send”. (I don’t know why some sites even allow that.)

Is it better to just let the email go without the subject, or should I sent a follow-up that says “Whoops! I sent that too quick.”?

- Quick Clicker

e answers:

I had to think a bit about this one. There’s an answer I’m going to give YOU, and an answer I’m going to give some other people who aren’t you.

Your Answer:

Since you’re obviously crafting an email that is personalized and tailored to her profile, I would not send a follow-up email to draw attention to your (No Subject) subject line. If she’s the kind of girl who will appreciate your email and want to respond, the lack of a subject line shouldn’t turn her off.  (This is especially true if you have a great dating profile and good pictures.)  In fact, by leaving off your subject line, you’ve given her a low-stress thing she can write you back about.  “Hey, you wrote me this great email, but I guess you go so excited to send it, you forgot to put in a subject…

For Guys Who Use the Cut-N-Paste Email Approach:

Seriously, quit it.  Write a real email and a real subject line. We can tell when you’ve sent the same email to everyone with appropriate genitalia in a 50 mile radius. It stinks of laziness and desperation, which IMO is even worse than the smell of Axe Body Spray. Check out our Guide to Geek Dating Success and learn how to write a real email that will get the responses you’ve been dying to see in your mailbox.

Happy dating, geek friends!

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