Fit4GenCon: The Continuing Saga of Salad Club

I thought I’d give you an update on how the Salad Club at ThinkGeek‘s World Domination HQ is going.

(If you missed the beginning of Salad Club, check it out here.)

Depending on the week, we have anywhere from 3-6 people in Salad Club. There are about 4 of us who are in every week, and the others pop in and out from week to week.

We have abandoned the Google Docs idea. It may work for your office, but we have a bunch of people who wait until Monday to check the doc and then go shopping, or who don’t check the doc at all. So… a-tweaking we will go!

On Monday morning, I’ve been going around and collecting $10 per Salad Club member and buying for 3-5 people all at once. It does cut down a bit on the variety, but it also cuts down on the amount of doubles and extras we have. When I return from Giant, I send a State of the Salad email to members letting them know what’s in the fridge and what we could possibly use that I couldn’t find.

Some of our members wait until Tuesday to contribute and bring things we can’t find at our local grocery store, like boiled eggs.  Some even wait until Wednesday and pick up a fresh box of greens.  We’ve got the flow going on fairly well.

We even got our own Salad Club fridge! You can see it front and center on our Kitchen Cam. (Which yes, you can use to stalk me when I’m making my salad. I’m usually doing it somewhere between 2 and 3 pm every weekday but Tuesday.)

What I love about Salad Club is the ability to make tons of different kinds of salads. Every day I can go for something a little different. Some days I go for all veggies, some days I have a craving for fruits and nuts on my greens, other days I want lots of tomatoes and cucumbers and some feta cheese. Check out my daily Salad Club photos on Twitter for some samples of the salads I’ve been making.

I’m also proud of DaveTheGame, who has started a Salad Club at his workplace. They’re still starting out (4 members), but they’re doing well so far! One of his coworkers even proclaimed:

“This is even better than the salad bar at Whole Foods!”

If that isn’t a glowing endorsement, I don’t know what is!

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