+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks, May 2010

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  I’m Ryven Cedrylle and I’m thrilled to have a column starting here on Geek’s Dream Girl.   Each month, I’ll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.

As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some unescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where you may or may not have seen them before.  Draw your weapon, ready your mind and don’t forget to add your +4 To Initiative!

May 2010

For Everyone

May 12 – You all may have noticed around the 19th of April that things just didn’t go well for a while.  Communications broke down, people didn’t follow directions and machines developed weird glitches.  I missed two weeks of gaming during this time. :(  This is signalled by Mercury going ‘retrograde’ or appearing to stop and then move backward across the sky.  On the 12th, Mercury stops and begins moving forward again.  One more round of oddities and then many of the problems that developed during the retrograde period will resolve themselves, so sit tight because things are slowly but surely turning around.


This month is about going out there and getting it done.  You’ve got your next goal in mind and you’re charged up, ready to go.  Your overzealousness can get the best of you and this month is no different.  Be careful not to make change for change’s sake; choose your battles carefully.  Near the very end of the month, Uranus moves into your home sign and provides you with an extra jolt of deviousness, particularly those of you with early Aries birthdays (Mar 21-30).  Players beware!  Aries’ DMs may have some nasty surprises in mind with all that pent-up energy.


May is very good for you, Taurus,  because the New Moon lands in your sign this month and your rulership planet, Venus, is in the fastest part of its ascent into the night sky.  Taurus is about sensuality, nature, security and making your presence known; what aspect of this part of you are you interested in growing this month?  Perhaps you have plans for a garden or to visit some vineyards looking for a new favorite local wine?  Maybe you just need to shore up your savings account?  You have a unique advantage right around the time of the Mercury station (May 13) to create a new project.  If nothing else, kick back with your DVR and the new episodes of V or Caprica and simply enjoy being.


Mercury’s retrograde tends to throw fun-loving, fast-moving Gemini really off-balance so the first part of this month may be rough.  Lucky for you, you have Venus and Juno – the two strongest relationship planets! – sitting in your home sign so it should be easy to find someone whose life is a little more stable to brace against – just make sure it’s a win-win deal.  The recent Saturn-Uranus opposition at the end of April is sitting on your home-career axis, so you may be feeling some tension between your family obligations and your desire for achievement.  It’s a month of catching-up but if anyone can handle juggling several things at once, it’s a Gemini.


There isn’t much happening in your home sign this month, which is a nice reprieve since super-slow but super-powered Pluto is in your opposite, Capricorn.  While the 2nd – 9th are lively and busy, the rest of the month is yours to use as you please.  You will do well to figure out the responsibilities you’ve left hanging with your naturally fluid, mood-driven nature and tend to them while the seas are calm.  Also, double-check any travel or vacation plans you may have made (GenCon, anyone?) to make sure you have your hotels and transportation properly booked.


May is all about exploration and new experience, Leo – two things you absolutely revel in.  Break routines, make spontaneous decisions, improvise!  Your ruling planet, the Sun, makes beneficial aspects to almost all of the powerful outer planets except for Neptune.  While you’re out playing, don’t lose track of time and be cautious about trusting new friends too soon.  Most of your excitement arrives around the 16th to 20th.


Saturn, the planet of discipline, constriction and boundaries has been sitting in Virgo for a couple years now except for a brief foray into Libra a few months back.  This has made you feel like Han Solo, but in a “carbonite” kind of way not a “blasting Darth Vader’s TIE fighter” kind of way.  Your rulership planet, Mercury, isn’t helping either what with its funky retrograde dance.  Unfortunately you still have a couple months to go before Saturn moves on so you’re not out of the woods yet.  Think carefully about the lessons you’ve had to learn in the last year or so.  You will be tested one more time near the very end of this month going into June; prove that you have mastered the teachings.


Like Taurus, Venus is your rulership planet and she’s pretty happy right now, which mitigates some of the difficulty of the aspects she makes through out the month.  You begin the month feeling the need to assert yourself (as Libra is wont to do) and by mid-month, you might feel caught between a rock and a hard place if you don’t follow that urge to stand up and say something.  If you are shrewd but honest, you have the capability to affect significant change, particularly in your neighborhood and among coworkers as Pluto is sitting in your third house.  Though you may otherwise reek of geek (not literally, of course -  you are a Libra!) it is important to show you’re ‘more than meets the eye’ when tackling the challenges of the month ahead.


Like your brother Aries, you’re full of vim and vigor this month. Unlike Aries, though, overdoing it is not your problem.  Your instinct this month with Pallas retrograde in your home sign is to burn internally without ever releasing that light to the world.  Scorpio is naturally mysterious and secretive, intense and exotic.  Without any forward-moving planets in your sign and Pluto sitting in an opening position in Capricorn, you’re like certain sections of Tolkien’s writing – an awful lot is happening but it’s not really relevant to the main story.  Try your hardest to be transparent around the 20th both to avoid problems and make the best use of all the stuff you’re processing inside.


The Full Moon is yours this month – relish it!  The Full Moon is about harvest and bringing in the rewards of the last 6 months’ work (since the New Moon in Sagittarius).    What theories have you been exploring; what insight have you gained by your interactions with others?  The Moon reflects the Sun’s light – you too should reflect on the experience of the last half-year.  Writing memoirs, compiling a scrapbook or sharing your stories with your friends can help you apply your understanding to material situations.  Don’t get lazy around the 16th or you may find yourself swept away by the currents of events rather than sailing on navigable waters.


May is a release month, Capricorn.  Your recent near-miss (car accident, squabble with the neighbors, nearly overdue project, etc) has left you a little shaken and drained.  What’s more, Pluto is sitting in your home sign interfering with that near-miss (Saturn-Uranus opposition), so like an early Mario game, it feels like you’re being driven forward by some irresistable force.   Get used to it, it’s sticking around.  While relaxing isn’t exactly your strong suit, do your best to unwind and de-stress from April.  You will need to be back on your feet by month’s end.


Like your sister Capricorn, May is a mostly internal month for you – at least until the last couple days anyway.  The Sun and Venus are making a trine (120°) to you and your placement between Capricorn and Pisces puts you in the eye of the storm being generated by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.   You are second luckiest in love, next to Gemini, but are better equipped to handle it at the moment.  Use your innate capabilities to think innovatively and make gains in small steps to take full advantage of the times.


Both Jupiter and Uranus – planets of freedom and exploration – are in your home sign, but with Saturn opposing, you can’t quite break out.  You feel restless and aimless, even for a Pisces who are generally prone to these sorts of things anyway.  Bounce your intuitive flashes off of others who are more rationally-oriented to give them shape and form.  They need your creativity and you need their structure.  Expect a small boon of some sort during the last week of the month – probably a gift – especially if you are a late Pisces (March 11-20).  It’s not quite enough to level up but definitely a +1 or +2 situational bonus.

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