Virgin DM Monologues: A Night At the Sharn Opera

Welcome to the recap of the 12th session of my Eberron campaign, which took place on February 23rd, 2010.  This adventure is something I wrote myself, so be kind! As the title of the series implies, I am a new DM…

The PCs had defeated Dharvek and brought his sword back to claim their reward. However, surveillance target Dessina Hazal proved to be a bit more slippery.

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In the last week, you’ve taken shifts following Dessina around the city. Each morning, she eats a pastry at Dragon Towers Bakery, does a bit of shopping at the open air market, drops her purchases off at home, and spends a good portion of her afternoon at Gailan’s enjoying lunch and open mic time. On Wednesday afternoon, she had a voice lesson and on Thursday afternoon she and a friend attended a theater performance. And yes, she did eventually visit her sickly grandmother and brewed her medicinal tea.

The final dress rehearsal for The LadyKnight’s Epic is tonight at the Sharn Opera House. Your boss, Kava Velderan, has arranged for Beatdown and Brick to be hired as part of Lady Tyasha d’Phiarlan’s security team for the weekend.

This leaves Eru, Jelly, and Cyd needing a way to get into the opera house and move about unnoticed.

The next evening, the PCs went to the opera house for the dress rehearsal of the opera. Brick and Beatdown were hired to guard Lady Tyasha’s dressing room. The rest of the party disguised themselves as opera critics (with Eru the bard using his diplomatic skills, of course) and slipped into the audience to watch from there.

Eru’s player: “I’m an opera critic, Cyd is an opera historian and Jelly is the…. opera…. opera priest.”

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A giant explosion of white smoke and light appears center stage and as it fades, you see Lady Tyasha step out. She is stunningly beautiful and dressed in the first act costume of Lady Yislean, the female lead of The LadyKnight’s Epic.

Musical Director Glen Birdsong is a halfling with a head of medusa-like silver hair that bounces as he conducts. His podium is five feet tall – it’s the only way he can see and be seen. He’s constantly shouting at everyone – except Lady Tyasha, who he compliments profusely as often as possible.

The PCs observe the dress rehearsal – Eru, Cyd, and Jelly in the audience and Brick and Beatdown from just backstage, standing guard at Lady Tyasha’s dressing room door.  Brick and Beatdown aren’t terribly concerned with following the plot of the opera, but here’s what Eru, Cyd, and Jelly saw from the audience:


During the war, Lady Yislean disguised herself as a man so she could fight on the front lines. She fell madly in love with Salem Finn, the charismatic leader of her division, but could not tell him lest she break her disguise. Only one person had learned her secret, the battle medic Johan, who wanted her for himself.

Johan’s plan to win Yislean’s heart was simple. He paid a member of Yislean’s division to see that she was seriously injured in the next battle, but not so seriously that she was killed. When he nursed her back to health, she would certainly recognize his deep love for her and run off with him, leaving the war behind.

ACT 2:

The epic battle occurs, and the LadyKnight Yislean is fighting at the side of Salem Finn. In the midst of the battle, Finn jumps in front of Yislean, taking a sword to the gut that would have surely killed her. Yislean kneels at his side, trying to save him, but he dies in her arms.

Johan goes to Yislean’s tent that evening and finds her inconsolable. He confesses his love for her and his (borked) plan to win her love. Before he can finish his confession, Yislean grabs her sword and slices his head clean off his body. She runs to the cliffs of Whiteside and throws herself to her death. But in true operatic fashion, Yislean didn’t look behind her before making the decision to off herself. If she had, she would have seen Salem Finn, who Johan had resurrected after realizing how much Yislean loved him.

The adventurers realize that if something were to go down during the opera, it would probably be during the big battle scene, since it was very loud and there were so many actors and singers on the stage at once. It would be the perfect time for something to go awry. The dress rehearsal, however, ends without incident, and Lady Tyasha gets back to her mansion in one piece. Dessina Hazal seemed to slip away without anyone noticing when she left.

The next evening is the performance, and Brick and Beatdown take their place backstage guarding Lady Tyasha’s room. Cyd, Jelly, and Eru are trying to figure out how they can get closer to the stage, just in case something goes wrong. They think about “accidentally” breaking one of the orchestra musician’s instruments so Eru can “save the day” and replace them. When it’s clear this idea won’t work, Eru suggests:

“Let’s break a lutist!”

He restrains himself, however. The opera house is packed full and is a Who’s Who of Sharn society.  Everyone who is anyone is here to see the performance.  The house lights dim and Glen Birdsong raises his baton and starts the overture.

During the battle scene, the PCs notice Dessina slipping from her assigned place on the stage into the backstage area. Suddenly the entire opera house plunges into darkness. Ladies scream!  Ghosts and poltergeists fly about, knocking people over as they run for the exits.  The adventurers leap into action, trying to ensure that Lady Tyasha stays safe.

As they’re running for the stage, they see a poltergeist shove Lady Tyasha through the back curtain – right where they knew Dessina Hazal had slipped off just moments before.  Luckily, they manage to get back stage in time and kill Dessina and all of her ghostie friends.  As she dies, Dessina grins and says:

I’m not the only Hazal…

The book in Cyd’s pocket begins to beckon to him… “Open me…. open me…

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