Harry Potter and EO: Geek Amusements

eoIf you’re a geek, it’s a good summer to be heading to amusement parks.

Well, let’s be honest: amusement parks have pretty much always been geek-friendly.  In fact, amusement parks have been known to breed their own flavor of geek!  The Disney geeks are almost always more interested in the parks than the movies.  Roller-coaster enthusiasts are far older, with far more money, than the average twelve-year-old.  But this summer, there’s a few new attractions in Florida that, for some, might make it worth the trip.

The New Hotness

Universal’s Islands of Adventure has always been geek-friendly, with its own Superhero Island and roller coasters featuring dragons and unicorns.  The park has seen quite a few changes in the last few years, however, and in June a new mecca will open: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

It’s a property that’s taken the world by storm, and Islands of Adventure, already known for crazy detail and immersive theming, would be insane if they didn’t do the very best job with Potter that they possibly could.  The Wizarding World hasn’t opened yet, but everything I’ve heard has been positive – supposedly there’s been an attention to detail that rivals the very prop masters of the movies.

Retro Fabulous

Captain EO has already had a rebirth over at Disneyland in California, but today it was announced that it has proven so popular that it will be revived in Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and EPCOT of Walt Disney World, all in June and July.  It’s a victory for Disney geeks (like myself).

Undoubtedly the old “4-D” movie received a boost of interest after Michael Jackson’s death.  However, Disney fans had been pushing for the return of EO for years (probably some since it closed, but definitely in the last five years or more).  With retro 1980′s fashion a staple in high schools across the country, now is a prime time to bring back Michael and his alien friends.  And let’s face it:  maybe in ten years’ time I’ll be wanting to see Honey, I Shrunk the Audience again, but for now I’d much rather rock out to Michael Jackson.

So, as you plan your summer vacations, remember that the Orlando theme parks may have just gotten a little more interesting.  And what about you?  Are you a roller-coaster fiend?  What amusement parks do you make an effort to visit?

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