One Line That Will Help Fill Your Online Dating Inbox With Emails

Did you know there’s one line you can add to your online dating profile that will increase the amount of emails you receive?

I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating because it works so darn well.

What is it?

Ask a question.

When your dating profile ends, it needs a call to action. You need to tell your reader what to do next. Not request, not beg, not plead. Tell.  You won’t come off as cocky or self-righteous or any of those adjectives you fear. You’ll just be inviting your reader to do exactly what you want them to do.

GDG reader & commenter Gwarh recently hired me to re-write his dating profile. He mentioned that he’d read a bunch of our articles and that he’d already been implementing some of the advice, but he wanted to go the next step.

He’d already added a question to the end of his profile and here’s what he had to say about it:

Your tip to ask a question and ask them to email is working GREAT.  I’ve gotten many more replies once I added that to my profile. More than I ever did before.

I’m working on Gwarh’s new profile this week and should have it to him by the weekend.  Once he has his new and improved profile out to face the world, I anticipate he’ll receive even more emails.

What to ask?

The question you ask at the end of your profile should always be something that is very low-key and easy to answer. You want to be friendly and inviting, not confusing or intimidating!

Gwarh’s profile says:

Email me and tell me what your favorite childhood cartoon character was and why. I email everyone back who takes the time to write me so don’t be shy.

Pretty much everyone watched cartoons as a kid and had a favorite. It’s not only an easy question, but it’s one that brings up pleasant memories. What Gwarh has done is put his reader in a good mood – right before she emails him!

The three elements

Clear Direction: Here’s the instruction, the part where you tell your reader what you want them to do. In Gwarh’s example he says “Email me.”  Not “if you want to learn more…” or “if you liked my profile…”  No ifs, ands, or buts.

The Question: Next comes your easy-to-answer, fun question.

The Guarantee: Gwarh added his guarantee that he’d answer all emails. This is the extra push that convinces the shy girls to make the leap and email. They know he’ll write back, even if it’s to say he doesn’t think they’re a match. (The epitome of polite and great human being would be to address their answer to your question, thank them for emailing, and then let them down gently.)  How many more emails would you write if you were guaranteed a reply?

Is your profile inviting?

Think about the final impression your profile makes. Does the last line just… end?  Or does it pose a fun and easy-to-answer question and invite people to contact you, guaranteeing them a reply if they do?

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