Virgin DM Monologues: Bodies Fall Out Of The Sky All The Time, Right?

Welcome to the recap of the 13th session of my Eberron campaign, which took place on March 16th, 2010.  Many thanks to Graham for his help writing this particular adventure. The PCs had recently saved renowned opera singer Lady Tyasha D’Phiarlan from an assassination attempt by Dessina Hazal, who was apparently working with other Hazals, or so she said before she died.

The adventurers have been pondering the events surrounding Lady Tyasha’s attempted assassination and wondering if Dessina’s final words were a threat.  One day, while Cyd, Evan, and Brick were *cough* mysteriously away…. Beatdown, Jelly, and Eru were walking around the city, chatting about recent events.

A voice from above shouts, “LOOK OUT!

The adventurers look up and see a body hurtling toward them from a balcony above. They duck to the side and it falls to the ground with a thump. The dead human appears to be some sort of wizard. Jelly casts Last Sight Vision on the corpse  and sees the last few moments of his life:

He’s clutching some papers in his hands and is obviously fighting some sort of unseen evil force. Someone walked into his room – someone he knew, maybe a friend or roommate? – and asked him if he was okay. He tries to reply, but stops mid-sentence, turns around, and walks off the balcony.  The weird thing? He was dead before he went over the edge.

A man runs up to the group, huffing and puffing. Jelly recognizes him immediately as the friend/roommate from the dead man’s last vision. He introduces himself as Sako, the roommate of the dead man. Sako explains that Brinn had been spending most of his time lately studying the pages of a book. Brinn wouldn’t tell him what the book was about – he was very paranoid about it! – but he said it was very important and if he could just find the rest of the book, something very important could happen.

He knows the party works for Globe Information Agency (they’re getting pretty infamous in Sharn), and he begs the party to help him investigate his friend’s murder and get to the bottom of these mysterious pages.  Brinn has 2 of them clutched in his hand and Sako says the other two should be in his study in their apartment.

Eru examines the pages and finds that they match exactly to the size and paper of the book that Cyd is carrying. They had found the book in the library of the Esoteric Order of Aureon’s school back several months ago when they had rescued the school from a rakshasa who had taken the form of a visiting professor and killing off students.

The odd thing is that these pages gave off a definite evil vibe… whereas the book seemed to be good. Strange, but good. In fact, no one had been able to read the book because of the blinding white light it gave off when opened.  The book also had a mind of its own, and had been known to talk to Cyd, who was often the one holding it.  It had even saved them during an encounter with drakes and magical darkness in Redstone’s Fine Furnishings.

The adventurers ask if they can search their apartment, and Sako agrees. He asks if they could carry Brinn’s body there and Beatdown complies, even though he insists that he is not the Carrying Machine.

They go into Brinn’s home office to find it’s been cleaned up. Not a paper to be found anywhere. Sako gives the party the key to Brinn’s office at the university and tells them that they should look there. Perhaps Brinn had brought the other pages there.

When the arrive at the university, they find that they’re not the first to arrive at Brinn’s office. Thieves are digging through all of his things. Not just any thieves, either.  These men are dressed in the garb of the Emerald Claw, the extremist wing of the Blood of Vol religion. The men turn their attention to the adventurers, attempting to kill them. While Beatdown does get quite beat up, the adventurers soon gain the upper hand.

The Emerald Claw caster in the back yells at the rogue:

“Take the page you have to Hazal, we’ll finish them off when the others arrive. Go!”

The rogue’s escape was almost halted when Beatdown landed quite a hard hit on him. Beaten to almost an inch of his life, the rogue leaps from the window and runs down the street, bleeding profusely.

Luckily for the party, the caster had been bluffing when he said reinforcements were coming.  When the final Emerald Claw agent fell, the adventurers worried that more were on the way as they dug through Brinn’s office, trying to find the last page.  They eventually found it in a secret compartment beneath a desk drawer.

Out of the four pages, they held three. The remaining page was in the hands of the rogue from the Emerald Claw, on its way to Hazal. But… which Hazal? And where?

What does the Emerald Claw want with the pages of this book?

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