I’m Not Psychic, But I Can Describe Your Ex

My boyfriend and I went to a bakery/deli joint here in town to grab a quick breakfast and we spotted a Help Wanted sign. It started out like a normal help wanted sign:

Now Hiring!
“Experienced” Salesperson
For The Counter
P/T        F/T
Must Be Self-Directed
Move Quick, Multi Task
Common Sense, Reliable

Unnecessary quotation marks aside, it sounds like a typical job posting for a food service position.

But that’s just the first half of the sign. The second half is what prompted me to take a picture, write this post, and submit the photos to Oddly Specific (I hope they publish it!).

Here’s the second half of the sign:

It is called A JOB
J, O, B!! That means
you WORK + then get
DON’T Apply if

I pointed it out to Dave and said, “Gee, I guess we know a lot about the person they just fired.

Yeah,” Dave said. “But even if a person fit that description, would they admit that to themselves and not apply for this job?

Your dating profile may be worse than this sign

Have you looked at your help wanted sign lately? After all, your dating profile is a want ad for a partner, isn’t it?

Take a look at your “About My Date” section of your profile. Does it describe your dream person or does it describe the opposite of your ex?

For many folks, this section of their dating profile is just fine. But there’s a large group of people who are so burned by whatever their most recent ex did that their profile sounds just as ridiculous as that help wanted sign.

“I want someone who is faithful” = “I had an ex who cheated”

“You should have time in your life to be with me” = “I had an ex who didn’t spend enough time with  me”

My dog is my best friend and you need to deal with that” = “I had an ex who hated my pet”

What does your profile say about your ex?

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