Virgin DM Monologues: Lan Hazal and the Last Page

Welcome to the recap of the 14th session of my Eberron campaign, which took place on April 13th, 2010.  The PCs had a very convenient dead body fall right into their path and through his roommate, they learned that the wizard Brinn was researching a very important book and held the final four pages.

Unfortunately, other forces wanted these pages, and they were willing to kill for it. In his last days of life, Brinn acted like a man possessed with fear and paranoia. Finally, he walked right out the balcony of his tower, and died before he even hit the ground, clutching two pages of the book that had been his demise.

The adventurers battled agents of the Emerald Claw at Brinn’s office at the university, but one managed to slip away with one of the pages after being ordered by his superior to bring it to Hazal.  The party speaks to their boss, Kava Velderan of House Tharashk about the Hazal family and the followers of the Blood of Vol in Sharn.  She says that Lan Hazal is one of the higher ups in the faith, but most of the Blood of Vol followers are simple peasants who follow an old faith.  They’re not necessarily evil. She tells them where to find the temple, should the party want to investigate there for more information.

They walk to the Greywall district to find the temple of the Blood of Vol. A very well-dressed, slender human male stands at the door, watching the people as they mill up and down the street on their daily business.  Our bard-sorcerer Eru decides to talk to the man and pretend that he wants to join the Emerald Claw. Unfortunately, Eru’s knowledge of the religion does not back up his bluff, and the man tells him to scram. Eru’s keen insight tells him that the man is standing in front of the door for a reason, and it’s not to people-watch.

Eru walks a few steps away from the man and whips around, letting loose a Chaos Bolt.  Then man turns, pushes the doors to the temple open, and runs inside with the adventurers hot on his heels.

At the front of the temple, two humanoids are working on opening a portal.  Hazal runs toward them and as the adventurers enter, undead minions begin to rise up from the dark corners of the temple and attack them. A mourner ghost and a skeleton join the fight. The man casts a spell which teleports him to just behind the portal, where he watches as the PCs battle his undead minions.

As the adventurers kill off the undead, they move closer and closer to the front of the temple and the portal, which is opening wider and wider each round.  They realize (a bit too late) that they can stall its progress by hitting the humanoids that are focusing the spell, but the man behind the portal keeps healing them and pulling them back to their posts.

Suddenly, the PCs hear a sickening slurpy sound… and from the chandelier hanging just in front of the portal, a blood amniote falls right on top of them.  It immediately reaches out and grabs both defenders and pulls them into its gooey, bloody mass.

Eru hits one of the portal openers and shoves her through the portal. The man simply laughs and gives a little extra energy to the portal, which was nearly completely open anyway.  He holds up the page of the book and taunts the party. He also admits that his name is Lan… Lan Hazal.  Y’know, since nobody in the party thought to ask him earlier.

“We have the rest of the book!” they say.

“It doesn’t matter,” he grins. “You can’t use it without this page.”

With that, he jumps through the portal and gestures for his other assistant to follow him. Eru studies the portal and can tell that its destination is Xen’drik, but where exactly, he can’t tell.  When the portal closes, it explodes into light, killing the last of the undead minions.

Frustrated, the adventurers go back home to ponder what they should do next. They could go to Xen’drik, but it’s a very big continent, so it’s not like they could just show up and find Hazal and the page.  But there’s clearly something very important about the book they carry if completing it with these four pages would be so threatening to the Emerald Claw.

But on the other hand, the PCs worry that adding evil pages to the good book would somehow corrupt it and cause more trouble.  Of course, it could turn the book neutral, but nobody can tell what will happen unless they retrieve that one last page.

…and can they get the time off from work for a trip to Xen’drik?

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