Waiting for Cataclysm: 5 Things the Casual Player Can Do

deathwingSo maybe you’re a World of Warcraft player who raids once or twice a month, or maybe you’ve never raided at all.  That doesn’t diminish your excitement about the latest expansion, and your impatience over the long summer.  So when you’ve quested all you can, what is there to do?

Choose a Hard Achievement, and Go For It

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go for Glory of the Hero, or maybe you want that “Salty” title.  Well, what else are you going to do in-game for the next six months?  Go get it!  Whether you want to work with a guild and get raid achievements (Algalon!) or go solo, there’s plenty of options.

Max Out Your Professions

I admit it – my main rogue is just a few points away from that max level on lockpicking, which means I can’t unlock the highest-level boxes.  It’s annoying now, but it’s going to be even worse when Cataclysm comes out if I don’t catch up.  The same goes for almost every other  profession – so make sure you’re ready to get those new herbs, ore and recipes.

Try ‘For the Alliance’ or ‘For the Horde’

I highly recommend this for anyone feeling a little shy about joining a raid.  It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s like herding cats.  It gives a peek into what the older 40-man raids must have been like.  Best of all for the beginners, there’s not really any requirements for gear – usually a level of over 75 and a fast ground mount is all you need to get this done.  And you get a bear mount!  Keep an eye on your server chat, and when you see someone organizing this, get in on it.

Play a Different Spec

Maybe you’ve been a Beast Mastery hunter since the dawn of time.  Why not go dual-spec and try out Marksmanship?  Or why not switch up from a tree to a bear and try tanking?  You might find you like the new spec more than you anticipated – and being versatile is helpful if you decide to start raiding.

Blast Through An Old Raid

There’s no telling what will stay and what will go with Cataclysm.  Even if you’re twenty levels too high, get a group of people together to go through some of the old raids… before they’re just a memory.  Some of them are really neat, too.

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