Virgin DM Monologues: Riding The Marlow

Welcome to the recap of the 16th session of my Eberron campaign, which took place on April 27th, 2010. I’m running Grasp of the Emerald Claw by Bruce R. Cordell.  It was written for 3x Eberron, but I’m updating the encounters with 4e monsters. I’m mostly just stealing it for the story, with a few tweaks to make it work with this campaign.

The PCs traveled to Stormreach, where they missed the Emerald Claw agents by less than two days. They are met by the elf Muroni, a scholar of the draconic prophecy who knows way more than she should and claims she’s read about the adventurers in the prophecy. She even bribed Captain Chinxero to get him to take his riverboat further up the Rachi River than he wanted.

It’s a five day journey, which is about 2 days further than Chinxero wanted to go. On the second evening, after the boat had passed far beyond the last bit of civilization, it was attacked by two trolls, a dire tiger, and some water snakes.

Chinxero’s men shoot arrows at the dire tiger, who goes to take a bite out of Cyd. Being a crafty wizard, Cyd teleports out of the way, leaving the tiger with nothing but a mouthful of air.

Jelly: “I’m happy for Cyd, but sad because there’s nobody between me and the tiger.”

Since Brick and Evan were sick below deck (aka their players were absent), Beatdown was getting more beat up than usual and required lots of healing.

Beatdown to his healers: “Your words are majestic! Hers are healing! Either way, I feel GREAT!”

With the trolls, tiger, and snakes defeated, the riverboat continued on its journey. Day 3 was quiet, but on the evening of day 4, a group of yuan-ti got very angry at the intruders on their turf and attacked the ship.

The evening of the 5th day, the boat reaches the turn in the Rachi River and sees the giant hand pointing toward the ruins in the distance. Chinxero has met his end of the bargain and turns the Marlow around to head back to Stormreach, leaving the party and Muroni the scholar.

The party has taken to calling Muroni “Prophecy Girl” and they groan and roll their eyes every time she opens her mouth to talk about destiny and fate and the prophecy. But since she ponied up 4k in gold, they let her stick around.

There’s an air skiff hovering near the river, and the party sneaks up to it. Eru decides to disguise himself as Lan Hazal (the guy who stole the final page to their mysterious book and hopped through a portal to Xen’drik). He shouts up to the guards to drop the rope ladder, and failing their check miserably, they totally believe it’s one of their bosses and they let him aboard. He says that his group had been ambushed and he managed to escape. Demanding water and food, he sends the men below deck, giving Beatdown a chance to climb up.

Beatdown knocks the guards’ heads together when they come back upstairs. One of them is knocked out, but the other begs for his life. But he’s both woozy from the concussion and kinda dopey. He’s also confused about why Hazal would have a warforged that’s attacking them. When Eru drops the disguise, he gets even more confused.

He tells Beatdown and Eru that Hazal, Lord Garrow, Scimitar the warforged, and about 50 Emerald Claw soldiers arrived about a day ago and have been in the ruins. Garrow is a powerful vampire and Scimitar is very fearsome.

Beatdown: “Scimitar? I declare him to be a jerk. I don’t call myself Khopesh.”

Jelly: “That sounds like a cheap tobacco.”

The adventurers decide to let the two bumbling guards free to die in the jungle rather than kill them on the skiff. Or by throwing them off the skiff.  Cyd manages to figure out how to drive the thing, and they move it across the river and disable the elemental ring, stashing the critical components they stole in their bag of holding.

Since night had fallen and the Emerald Claw soldiers are mostly human, the party decides to ambush the guards that are likely guarding the entrance to the ruins.

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