Movies That Molded a Geek: Still Crazy


The year was 1999, a typical Friday night.  On a trip to whatever video rental store my sister and I frequented at the time, we spotted a little, lonely videocassette in the New Releases section.  It was a movie we had never heard of, but it promised to be similar to Spinal Tap, and it featured some sort of aging rock band.  My sister is a big fan of aging rock bands, so we picked it up.  And I discovered one of my all-time favorite movies. Still Crazy is a movie with a history, and … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet M


Who am I, you ask? ... okay, maybe you're not asking, but I'm going to tell you anyway. My name is M, aka Michelle Clough, and I am the new resident anime/manga girl for Geek's Dream Girl. How I stumbled into this hallowed and worthy position is a tale of great import and substance, involving dramatic acts of applying and sample writing, but suffice to say that I'm very, VERY happy to be here. I've been a geek for as long as I can remember. While my classmates were running around on … [Read more...]

+4 To Initiative: Your Geek Horoscope for July 2010

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  My name is Ryven Cedrylle and I'm thrilled to have a column here on Geek's Dream Girl.     Each month, I'll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.  (Go here for last month's article!)  As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some inescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where … [Read more...]

10 Anime Titles for People Who Don’t Like Anime


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first post by one of our new writers, M!  She comes to us with experience in the anime industry and is going to fill a VERY big hole in our geek lineup - mainly, anime & manga articles. We're so excited to have her and hope you love her posts. Welcome, M! Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A: the Anime Eye Roll. Any anime addict has seen it at least once in their lives, probably multiple times, from family, friends, and significant others. It’s almost always … [Read more...]

What to Do On Your Dream Trip to Tokyo


You've rustled up a couple thousand dollars. You've told your mother and endured her lecture about safety while traveling abroad. You're about to depart for Tokyo, the land of incredible robots, super-smart scientists, and... let's face it, hot girls and guys. (And really weird fetishes, but I don't judge.) It's the Mecca of geeks everywhere. Of course you're excited. So what are you going to do there besides glee yourself silly and look for geisha? This mini-guide is the jumping-off … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: How Do You Stay Hopeful When You’re Single?


We're deviating from the normal Anon-O-Box this week for a very special note from Sean Patrick Fannon. You may know him as the man behind Shaintar, an epic high fantasy RPG setting. Or from his work with RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. I met SPF at ConCarolinas 2009, where Dave and I played in his Savage Worlds game, set in Shaintar. We had a blast... which then extended to a fun dinner... which then extended to an impromptu party. Good times! Sean met the love of his life, Carinn, in a pretty … [Read more...]

Think Of Comic Books As Tractor Parts: Relating Geeky Passions To Non-Geeks

Sheesh, he thinks he's Superman. What's up with that?

Everyone is most comfortable among people who they feel understand them. That’s why co-workers still spend time together after they clock out, why we keep in touch with classmates long after school ends, even why neighbors strike up a friendship that goes beyond waving at each other in passing. Having common ground is important in any relationship, especially on subjects that are near and dear to your heart. Sadly, even with the people you’re closest to, you don’t always find common ground on … [Read more...]

Guide to Stalking E at Origins Game Fair 2010

On the road again... I'm at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, getting my geek on in a major way. But I'm also there on business, both of my own and for ThinkGeek (my amazing day job). ThinkGeek Stuff Finding me may yield cash and prizes! Okay, not cash. But perhaps prizes if you're a lucky duck. Each morning when I leave my hotel, I will pack my bag full of ThinkGeek items.  Should you find me while I still have some, you can have one. I will also have the new … [Read more...]

J’s Show and Tell: Dominion


This weekend, while hanging out with friends, I was introduced to a new (to me) card game: Dominion.  I'll be honest: I'm normally not one for card games.  It seems like every male friend I've ever had has had a love affair with Magic: the Gathering, and while I do know how to play, it's never really drawn me in... and perhaps that has kept me from giving games like this a chance. However, I'm really glad I was surrounded by people who were into Dominion and thus didn't give me a chance to … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet C


My name is C. Well, actually, it’s Connie Thomson. I also answer to my internet handle, Ariel Manx (you get a cookie if you know where that name comes from!). Regardless of what you call me, I’m Girl Thursday here at Geek’s Dream Girl. The short bio of my life is that I’m a farm kid from North Dakota who dreamed of being a writer, and now that’s what I do. But I took a long and winding path to get here. My geekiness extends clear back to childhood. Even as a little girl I had a fanfic … [Read more...]