Is Getting Your Dating Profile Written For You Unethical?

You know you’ve pondered this question. Perhaps you’re even reading this post because you’ve Googled it.  If a dating profile is supposed to represent who you are, isn’t hiring someone to write it for you unethical?

I’ve always argued that hiring someone to help spiff up your profile is no different than hiring a professional to cut your hair. After all, you could do it yourself, but you might not like the end result. Since online dating is different than the “traditional” way of meeting, it requires a different approach and thus, different “rules.”

One of the blogs I read near religiously is Men With Pens. I’ve been a fan of their site ever since Geek’s Dream Girl was done up in purples and pinks (and they let me live to tell the tale).

James did an interview with Dean Rieck of Pro Copy Tips, and Dean’s answer to the first question was so absolutely DEAD ON to how I feel about writing dating profiles that I just have to share it with you.

James: Do you feel there’s an “ethical” type of copy and a “snake oil” type of copy?

Dean: There’s an ethical type of business and an unethical type of business. I think writing copy is a little like being a lawyer. You have to be an advocate for your client. You must show your client’s product in the best light. But you can’t personally be responsible for whether your client is truthful or not. You have to rely on your client to give you the information you need and write on faith.

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Yes, yes, yes.

Advocating for Clients

At Geek’s Dream Girl, we believe geeks are passionate, intelligent, and fun people and that every geek deserves to have a partner that supports their interests, even if they do not participate in them.

Our business focuses on writing online dating profiles for geeks, by geeks. We’re copywriters that know how to make geek guys shine and attract those ever-elusive girls! (We do have female clients and gay clients, but they’re in the minority. We love them just as much!)

The Best Light

Since we’ve been around the online dating block so many times that we’ve worn in a groove, we’re experts at knowing what to mention in your profile and what to leave for later discussions. Since your profile is like the trailer to the Movie of You, we want to be sure it says the most exciting and engaging things about you in a limited amount of space. A well-written dating profile leaves your reader dying to get in touch with you and learn more.

Truth, Truthiness, and Writing On Faith

Here’s where people get uncomfortable. What if someone is an absolutely horrid person who should never be inflicted on local singles? What if they’re a serial killer and they lure in their prey online? What if, what if, what if?

When we interview clients as part of the profile writing process, we get a pretty good handle on who they are, what they do, and the type of person they’d like to meet.  We take their information and write an engaging online dating profile in as close to their writing voice as possible. But as Dean said, we depend on our clients to be truthful with us.

We work on faith. In Dean’s case, it’s the faith that the client is honest about their product. In ours, it’s the faith that in every client – no matter who they are – there’s someone worth loving. Each and every person deserves the best shot at finding the love of their life. Especially if they’re geeks like us.

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