e: They Say It’s Your Birthday…

gdgbdIt’s just past midnight on June 22, and that means it’s time for my annual sneak to wish e a very happy birthday!  It’s also another chance to display my lack of artistic abilities once more, as exemplified in e’s Birthday Paint Extravaganza.  And to think, I actually want to take up real painting.  On canvas.

e’s been having a rough few months, health-wise, but even as she’s been battling one ailment after another she’s been determined to make Geek’s Dream Girl the best it can be.  She’s still encouraging others to be #Fit4GenCon, even if exercising and whatnot is rightfully last on her own priority list.  She’s also just as funny and warm in person as she is in her posts.  Essentially, if anyone deserves to be showered with love and presents on her birthday, it’s e!

As you read posts today, perhaps some by our fabulous new writers, remember that none of us would be here if it weren’t for the ultimate and original Dream Girl.  Catch her on twitter or leave a comment below, but show some love to the birthday girl!

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