Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet Z

Okay, I’ll admit it. The reason I didn’t write this bio a few days ago like I’d planned was because I was procrastinating by playing Runescape. (Don’t hate me. I know, I know, WoW graphics and gameplay are better. But I’m almost at one million gold for the first time and I don’t want to abandon my character after so long!)

…so, this is pretty typical moment for me, actually.

Hi! I’m z, the last letter of the dreamgirl alphabet.

Because I’m terrible at rambling about myself (it always feels like bragging, somehow), have some facts about me instead. Also, they’re in convenient bite-sized packages. (That always makes things sell better, so I figure it’s worth a try…)

1. I joke that I’m bad at math, but I’m actually pretty good. See, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that you could only be good at math or English, and I decided that Wordsworth could beat up Galileo any day, so I set my allegiances in stone. (I haven’t figured out how to feel about Lewis Carroll.)

2. My friends joked that I’d try to sneak into Japan to live there someday, so I found a legal way of doing it. Pending acceptance of my application, I’ll be studying abroad in the 2011-2012 school year. Yippee!

3. I hate the color pink. Always have, always will. I’ll occasionally tolerate it, but I think the number of pink items in my wardrobe totals about four, and that includes my gumboots (black with pink hearts… it was the only style they had left!).

4. Most people compare me to a cat. At least four or five separate people have, without knowing that anyone else calls me that, so I guess it must be an apt description. I do purr when I’m happy and sprout claws and teeth when I’m angry. Be wary accordingly.

5. I’m absolutely addicted to roleplaying. Not via RPG games (though I love those too… Dungeon Siege players, represent!), but via text. (I usually tell people it’s like writing a novel with two people, each controlling some characters and interacting with each other. They usually give me the “Yeah right, THAT kind of roleplaying… it’s always the innocent ones…” look. Sigh…)

Anyway, together with my main RP partner (and best friend), I’ve written over 12,000 pages of roleplay in three years. (Single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point.) That number sounded less lame in my head. But hey, it’s over 9,000! …Lame memes save the day. Moving on…

6. I’m in university, studying English. That came out of left field, huh? One of my big goals for the next few years is to graduate debt-free by putting myself through school. It’s working so far, at least. Unfortunately, that greatly reduces the amount of free time I have to play video games, Magic: the Gathering, D&D, watch Andromeda or Voyager, and participate in other awesome, geeky activities.

Whew. You now have a great insight into my inner workings. (Maybe not, but at least you know a little more about me.) Now for a brief history of time – er, my geekiness.

I grew up around computers, both Macs and PCs. My dad was an entrepreneur and a geek, and built his own business networks, etc, etc. Naturally, I was exposed to plenty of geekiness, so I think I inherited it from him. Mine was definitely a geeky family – it got up to about seven or eight computers in frequent use in a four-person household by the time I moved out.

It’s hard to pinpoint when I started being geeky. Was it eleven-year-old me playing D&D with the older guys (and kicking their butts, by the way)? Or was it when I started building cardboard robots at age eight? Or even earlier?

Whatever the case, I’ve definitely got a little geek in me now. Maybe not enough to play D&D every Saturday (although if I knew a decent group in my area…), but certainly enough that I feel like I fit in around here.

Which brings me to why I’m into this site. It seems pretty obvious to me – I’m a geek, I believe in life after love – sorry, love for everyone… it’s the perfect thing for me to get involved with. I’m single myself and looking off and on (any cute guys or girls in Canada? Kidding!), but pretty happy being single for the time being.

I’ve got big dreams that include traveling the world, possibly backpacking, after university, volunteering, WWOOFing (not barking like a dog, willingly working on organic farms), and so on. Maybe a nice guy or girl fits in there, maybe not. I’m not too fussy either way. That said, I do have an online dating profile that I visit once in a while, and I’ve had some nice dates and met some cool geeks that way.

So in summary, my flavors of geekiness are hard to pin down. Computers, a bit of anime and manga, Japanese culture, crafts, English, math… I dip my toes into many geeky waters. I just pray I don’t have a kelpie bite them off.

Can’t wait to talk some more with you all. If you ever want to chat, please drop a line. Despite my feline tendencies, I promise I won’t bite!

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