Torchwood: Who Would You Choose?

If you’re interested at all in Torchwood, you’ve probably heard by now that there will, in fact, be a new series, co-produced by BBC and Starz.  The new stories will still be based in Wales, but will feature an “international” cast and international locations as well.  And, of course, Gwen and Jack will remain at the heart of it all.

The news of international casting essentially means that it could be anyone, from anywhere.  Members of Torchwood are typically “too young,” so the only specification that I can think of is that they’re in their twenties or early thirties.

Who would you cast in the new series of Torchwood?  I came up with a few examples to get the ball rolling.  I tried to avoid the typical “convention circuit,” as it were, so members of current or past science fiction shows, or anything Whedon has touched, is right out.  Each of the actors has a birthdate within shouting distance of the 80s, and is pretty.  Thus, it is with more than a little tongue in cheek that I present my picks.

Sarah Jones

This actress has a resume that is beginning to fill with critically acclaimed shows – Big Love, Sons of Anarchy, House - but her roles have so far been small.  What could she do with more?  This could put her on the map.

Aaron Yoo

He was essentially the best part of Disturbia.  He’s the only one on my list who technically falls out of the prime age range, but I forgive him.  Oh yes, I forgive him.

John Francis Daley

Okay, so he’s a few years younger than I am, and frankly that weirds me out, but I love this actor anyway.  He’s currently on Bones, and whenever the show throws his character something from left field – be it a past love for metal or a Star Trek uniform – he makes it his own.  I could totally see him as part of the Torchwood team.

Kelly Osbourne

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re wondering if I’ve gone off the deep end.  Well, maybe I have.  But we all know Torchwood can get intense, and that last season really delves into the trench of depression.  How to bring the balance back?  Maybe add someone a little bubbly and fun.  She took on Dancing With the Stars; acting and aliens should be a piece of cake.  Plus, do we really doubt whether she could handle Jack?

So what do you think?  Who should join the Torchwood team?  The sky’s the limit; start stretching those imaginations!

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