Dear Anon-O-Box: Non-Driver = Non-Dater?

Dear Anon-O-Box,

How important is a vehicle, these days? Progressive as we try to be, how much of a tendency is there towards the traditional? I ask because I rent a decent, roomy house and I ride the bus most places.

I cringe at the idea of telling a woman, “Well, if you want to go to (distant place), I’ll need you to drive me.” I know that I’m not expected to pick *her* up as much as I would be in a previous age, but I feel I’d lose a lot of points by needing to ask for a lift.

How many points do I lose? Can I make up the difference, or does it brand me enough of a loser that she’ll never come see this place?


e answers:


Cars are funny things. By the tone of your email, I’m going to assume you aren’t in a big city like NYC with great public transportation. In places like that, it’s smarter and cheaper to not have a car.

So you’re living somewhere not NYC, but with decent enough public transport or walking options that you can get most everywhere you need to go.  Cool!

You have two ways of looking at this: you can see it as a liability (which you’re currently doing), or you can see it as a selling point.

I’m always hammering on my geek singles to make their dating profiles into a unique story about themselves, something that nobody else can claim.  What’s more unique in this day than a guy who is saving money and the planet by not having a car?

If I were you, I’d work this into your dating profile. Make it one of your selling points and you’ll probably snag yourself a Prius-driving, earth-loving gal who would love to drive you an hour out of town to the bigger farmers market and then back to your place for veggie stir-fry and nookie.

Different is good, if you can spin it the right way.

Happy dating, geek friends.

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