Virgin DM Monologues: A Few Days in Stormreach


Upon their return to Stormreach, the PCs unload their stolen airship through some unsavory though profitable channels. They find the captain of the undersea ship, but he needs a few more days to finish up some business before he can return to Khorvaire. As the party walks around town, Beatdown sees a pretty awesome sight - the Rusty Nail, a bar that seems to cater to an almost exclusively warforged clientele. They serve all sorts of blended oils and alchemical fluids that are delicious to … [Read more...]

How to Survive An Anime Convention


A few weeks ago, the University of British Columbia was invaded… invaded by a horde of squeeing, cosplaying anime fans, a military force of which I was a proud grunt. This was Anime Evolution, Vancouver’s biggest anime convention. Although Anime Evolution is a bit on the small side compared to mega-cons like Otacon, Anime Expo and Anime Boston, there’s still a huge amount to see and do… which can leave even the most stalwart geek reeling on their feet. In my experience, anime conventions are … [Read more...]

5 Dealbreakers You May Be Including in Your First Contact Email


There are plenty of wonderful, meaningful and fascinating things to talk about in an introduction message, your very first contact with some potential love interest, while dating online. There are also topics you don't touch with a ten-foot pole. Fair or not, everyone judges on first impressions, and unlike real life where you can hang around and be stalkerish (not recommended but commonly practiced anyway), you don't get a second chance if that cursor goes to the “delete” button instead of … [Read more...]

Forever Knight: A Vampire Cult Classic


In the early 1990s, before CBS snagged David Letterman, once the local news and a rerun of Cheers was over, there was a wonderful little feature called “Crimetime After Primetime.” Every weeknight, there was a different crime drama. During the summer, I would stay up late to watch them all, even the largely forgettable Sweating Bullets and Dark Justice. The one that really caught me, though, was the Tuesday night show – a little vampire series entitled Forever Knight. Forever Knight was one … [Read more...]

Piranha 3D: What Was I Thinking?


In general, I'm a squeamish person.  I don't particularly like horror movies, especially ones with lots of gore.  Similarly, I'm not one for much violence.  There are notable exceptions to this rule - I love nearly every Tarantino film, for example, and most of the Rodriguez ones - but for the most part, I'm comfortable with keeping things PG-13.  Or, um, PG.  So of course it would make perfect sense that I would decide to see Piranha 3D last weekend. Wait, let me back up here a little … [Read more...]

Virgin DM Monologues: Getting Caught Up With Updates

Oh boy, what are we in for?

D'oh. I'm a horrible DM. I got really behind with adventure logs and now they're so far in the past, I don't remember all the details. (Also, it's wayyyyy too too far back in my Twitter history to try to dig it up.) I am going to try and be diligent and keep them updated from now on. Our adventurers were hired by Lady Elaydren d'Cannith to retrieve a creation pattern and four schemas that belong to her house. They were stolen by agents of the Emerald Claw, which (conveniently) had stolen a … [Read more...]

Pixel Bondage: Why Meeting In Real Life Is So Important


What if I told you there's something that you're doing wrong that could really, really, really screw up your love life? In my appearance on Giant Fire Breathing Robot this week, Imentioned a couple terms that are near and dear to my heart when discussing online dating. The first is the Chasm of Suckitude(TM), which I had previously written about to my Geek Monthly Matchmaking Mailer (GeekMMM). The second is pixel bondage, which I'll go into today. Pixel bondage is a new affliction and a … [Read more...]

Dick, Dyke, or Queen: Your Field Guide


Taking my cue from my blogging idol, Dan Savage, I confess to you, my readers, that this column is written under the influence of a beautiful wheat beer consumed while sitting at the open window of the Rainbow Village Cafe in the heart of queer Toronto. That is the setting for this exciting edition of what I would like to call Dick, Dyke, or Queen: Your Field Guide to the Queer and Fabulous. The Field Guide (if you will) is not just about identifying specifies of wild queers, but identifying … [Read more...]

Stationery for Geeks to Drool Over…


Maybe I'm just being fanciful, but I think there's a wonderful appeal about stationery. That's right – pens, paper, pencils, envelopes, stickers, anything you can use to write letters (remember those old-fashioned things?) to your loved ones – or complain to The Wachowski Brothers about the sequels to The Matrix. Take your pick. Stationery doesn't have to be terrible pens you lifted from your workplace or boring sheets of lined paper that make you remember school and start rocking back and … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: Separated, but not Divorced

Dear Anon-O-Box, I came across E's articles on Dating Sites Reviews, and they have been very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing your insights online. Before I cross the Rubicon into online dating, I'd sincerely appreciate your opinion. I'm temporarily stuck in a quagmire: I'm separated, but not divorced...yet. Is there a glimmer of hope that I'll be able to find some casual dating partners? Or, should I just top it all off by picking the username "ReddFlagg"? Thanks in advance for … [Read more...]