Ask Y: Are Geek Guys Sexually Immature?

Dear Y,

A few months ago a met a geek. I was totally excited cause he was into all the same things: movies, video games, sci-fi, staying in rather than going out, he had a toy collection, light sabers, Star Wars, all that stuff. And he was actually funny and cute. He was the closest I’d met to someone I could actually see myself in a relationship in like 3 years.

But then he told me he had no sex drive (and I saw his tiny tiny child sized bed… total turn-off). I broke things off because I have a healthy drive and I just foresaw problems down the road… which I’m still certain I was right about.

But now I’m concerned that all geeks are going to be this way. Are all geek men grown virgins and perpetually twelve years old if they’re that much into toys and movies and video games? Should I look for a different breed or just resign myself to a sexless marriage with someone who’s otherwise a perfect fit?

– Frustrated Geek Girl

y answers:

Dear FGG,

Let me begin by stressing this most important point: NEVER give up your hopes of finding your perfect geek! It is safe to say your encounter with Geek Placid is one that is a once in a lifetime fluke. Ask any girl out there and they’ll all agree! Everybody has met the “otherwise perfect.” Don’t let one unfortunate encounter discourage you. There are plenty of geeks in the sea!

Just take a look at the facts. Geeks are the same boys that grew up having crushes on you in school. They went to the science fair with the largest collection of bugs in hopes of impressing you. They offered up their homework-completing skills without being asked, just to see you smile and maybe score a hug. They are the guys that have always been on the receiving end of the line: “Thanks, you’re such a great FRIEND.” Is it any wonder that many of them believe that nice guys finish last?

This adds up to complete sexual frustration!

This means geek guys are – 9 times out of 10 – sex EXPERTS. They’ve probably had enough time to read every book and website about sexual technique and watched every “educational video” about how to please a woman! Though you may meet the occasional virgin, don’t be worried! I guarantee, even if it’s “fresh out of the box” he won’t need tech support.

So get back out there… and happy test driving!

- y

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