Confession: I’m a Nerd

make it or break itLet’s not kid ourselves here: even in the geek world, there are guilty pleasures, and then there are guilty pleasures.  Or, perhaps I could put it another way: there are geek pleasures, and then there are guilty pleasures.

You see, I’m pretty comfortable in the geek world.  To me, being a fan of Mythbusters or Firefly or Lord of the Rings is, frankly, mainstream.  And I’ve noticed that some things that geeks will list as guilty pleasures – like singing along to Dr. Horrible or building a theremin – are not their guilty pleasures at all.  They might not bring it up at work, but for one, they don’t really feel guilty talking about it, and for another, they know it will earn them geek cred.

On the other hand, if I bring up Dancing With the Stars on my Twitter, I get a few crickets and a tumbleweed blowing by.

Yes, somehow, entertainment designed for the masses has become my guilty pleasure.  It always has been, really.  When I was in high school and my friends were listening to Atari Teenage Riot, I had a Savage Garden CD.  I always seem to have one foot in several countercultures, but I never jump all the way into any one of them, and my love for pop culture (call me a modern history buff) has endured.

So here I am, coming out of the closet.  I’m a musician that can go on for hours about Rachmaninoff or Cursive, but when I turn on Pandora it’s usually on the channel for Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”  I’m excited on Wednesday mornings because I can go on Hulu and watch the previous night’s episode of Make It or Break It. I know that these things aren’t cool, in the mainstream world or the geek one, but it’s the kind of nerd I really am.

And I want to know, really – what are your guilty pleasures?

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