DreamGUY Introduction: Andy the Gay Guy Geek

OMG, Bears!

Howdy, folks, from your very own GGG. Now, you may be wondering who this fellow is, this individual who has managed to capture the coveted spot of the Gay Guy Geek. Is he some waifish wunderkind, ready to regale you with sardonic stories of difficult dating and absurd alliteration? Perhaps he’ll be telling you about the latest twists and turns of the club scene?

Mm. Not so much.

I’m 40-something, bearish, happily married, and something of a teetotaler to boot. Yes, I’m married – to a guy, thank you, and yes legally. Go Massachusetts! When I submitted my original entry to become the GGG, I figured I was probably the long shot…the dark horse. But here’s the thing I realized afterwards. I’m married…so I guess I’m doing something right.

And I’m over 40, sure, but that just means I’ve got experience. Being a bear doesn’t stop me from knowing lots of gay guys that aren’t, and being a teetotaler doesn’t mean I don’t had some wild times under my belt.

(Remind me to tell you ‘bout my Red Light District experience in Amsterdam some time. You know you’re in deep when the porn store you’re in carries titles like Mom’s Donkey Habit!)

Now, look back with me, dear reader…back many years ago. How did all this geekiness begin?

Well, when I was quite little, my folks took me to Disney movies. After I saw Cinderella, I would wear a knit hat around and insist on being called Gusgus. (My step-dad called me Gus to this day.) So I was role-playing from a very early age.

When I was 7, my older brother gave me the first books in the Narnia series to read. I enjoyed them a fair bit, and I looked for secret gates at the back of closets (since I couldn’t find a lot of wardrobes).

The real transformative moment, I remember, was in 3rd grade. I watched the animated film of The Hobbit on TV, and I was lost. My parents bought me a soundtrack record of the movie, and I listened to it at least once a week, as I was drifting off to bed. Then I realized my brother had a copy of the book on his bookshelf. “You can have it,” he said. “I never really got into it.” I devoured that book, and my Mom, who, bless her heart, has always encouraged anything I was interested in (well, almost everything…she wasn’t wild about the skydiving) said to me, “You know, he wrote other books that follow that one.”

Reading The Lord of the Rings is something I feel I’ve never really recovered from. It led to Dungeons & Dragons, which is still my main hobby today, which led to all kinds of other research, into learning about history, into a fascination with travel (which is what I do for a living now), into LARPing, and just generally into the culture of geekdom.

So there’s the solid bedrock upon which my geeky foundation is laid. So what else shall I tell you?

I’m an avid D&D player. I know I alluded to this earlier, but it bears repeating. Thankfully, I had the sense to fall in love with someone else who’s a geek and who likes gaming. He’s more of a Star Wars geek than I am, and he loves the Star Wars RPG I run for him and some of our friends.

We actually have a gaming room in our house, because our collections of games, gaming books, miniatures, and props for gaming are large enough to warrant one. He even made me an amazing custom gaming table for my birthday this year. Best present ever!

I’m still very much in touch with my Tolkien roots. I’ve hosted a party where we watched all three extended edition movies over the course of the day and ate themed meals in-between (Bilbo’s Birthday Breakfast, Rohan Lunch in the Saddle, and a Feast at Gondor). I also play a fair bit of Lord of the Rings Online. Look for Carroll on the Landroval server, and be prepared to actually role-play on an MMORPG.

I am a LARPer. I was involved with NERO from the year it went public, and I’m currently involved with The Isles, which I do plot writing and NPCing for. I can be found singing at a local Ren Faire and occasionally at SCA events.

I love comics, especially the superhero comics of DC. If you ever want to have a chat about why Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman are such iconic characters, I’m your man.

I still have a huge love of Disney and their movies. Since our first joint visit to Disneyland in 1998, my husband and I have visited either Disneyland or Walt Disney World almost once a year. This year, we’re taking my 12-year old nephew for his first trip without his parents. Gonna be just the guys. Awesome!

Is that enough? Too much? As you can see, I have a wide spectrum of geekiness to my credit.

So, I’ll be here, ready to chat about whatever comes down the pike. If you have questions, ask. I’m not shy. If you have a thorny situation that you think I can help with, let me know. I give decent advice and honest feedback. Otherwise, I’ll end up babbling about whatever’s on my mind, and hopefully that’ll be fun, too.

GGG out.

End of line.

About GGG

Andy/GGG is a gay geek guy for sure. He's been playing D&D since he was 10, and he equates reading Tolkien with religion to some degree. He's a writer/developer for a Live Action RPG called The Isles, and he writes a comic called Circles, a gay, furry slice-of-life piece that comes out way too infrequently.

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