Virgin DM Monologues: Getting Caught Up With Updates

D’oh. I’m a horrible DM. I got really behind with adventure logs and now they’re so far in the past, I don’t remember all the details. (Also, it’s wayyyyy too too far back in my Twitter history to try to dig it up.) I am going to try and be diligent and keep them updated from now on.

Our adventurers were hired by Lady Elaydren d’Cannith to retrieve a creation pattern and four schemas that belong to her house. They were stolen by agents of the Emerald Claw, which (conveniently) had stolen a page of the mysterious book the party found back at the Arcane Academy.

While in the temple deep in the heart of Xen’drik, the party was able to steal (and disable) the air skiff the Emerald Claw had arrived on, pick up a drow friend (who bonded with them over mutual hatred of the Emerald Claw soldiers who had killed his family), and retrived some interesting doodads, gems, and precious metals.

Here’s the story of the final session of heroic tier, which took place on July 27, 2010. It was the 22nd session of our campaign (which started at level 5). I built the whole Vault level, including a giant primitive warforged made out of Sculpey.

Oh boy, what are we in for?

The party teleported into the vault level of the temple, where they found Garrow, doubled over in pain and seemingly out of control of his changeling abilities. In his hands is the creation pattern with 3 of 4 schemas attached. He screams at it to get out of his head and throws it into the darkness further into the chamber. The PCs attack him. At first he mocks House Cannith for sending such weak minions as he slices through Brick and Beatdown with his katar, but after a long fight and a well-shot crossbow bolt to the heart, Garrow cries out to Lady Vol with his last breath, admitting defeat.

Ow ow ow! Get outta my head!

The party loots his body and heals up. Evan explores the chamber, finding a giant primitive warforged with cords of metallic and organic materials attached to it. The pillar by the warforged has 8 schemas attached to it by a sort of magical magnetic force. He pulls them off and starts walking back toward the party. Muroni cries out and points toward the south, and Beatdown and Brick see the creation pattern sliding across the floor toward Evan. Thus begins a Benny Hill -esque dance of Evan with the schemas and the creation pattern following him. Beatdown steps on the creation pattern to stop it, but immediately thinks better of it and lets it go.

See the schemas on the pillar?

Evan spreads the 8 schemas across the rainbow circle on the floor and backs away. The creation pattern immediately makes a beeline for the circle, the appropriate schema sticks itself to the creation pattern, and an evil voice fills the minds of all present.

“I AM XULO! I AM…. WHOLE!” The creation pattern flies straight for the warforged and affixes itself to its chest. “AND NOW, I HAVE A BODY!” The warforged, powered by Xulo, attacks. So do the cords that run in a web from pillar to pillar, sometimes tying PCs to the pillars when they attack. It becomes clear that the lifeforce of the warforged is tied to the energy from the cords, so while the defenders work on the warforged, the rest of the party concentrates on cutting down the cords. Evan’s Ring of Shadow Travel allows him to zip across the room. He climbs a pillar and slices off the final cords and the warforged falls down, dead.

Evan cutting loose the final cords

DM Note: I had the idea of letting the players ACTUALLY cut the cords on the map at the very last minute. I looked over and saw the scissors and it was a lightbulb moment. They had a lot of fun getting to physically affect the battlemap as the fight progressed.

Cyd's player cuts some cords

The party removes the creation pattern from the warforged’s chest. Xulo’s energy is still there, but greatly weakened from the fight. They separate the schemas from the pattern and each party member takes a piece.

Muroni, oddly silent this entire evening, says only one thing – that a verse of the prophecy has culminated, and another one will begin.

With his family and friends all dead, Ulvein decides to accompany the party to Sharn, where he wants to take Khorvaire Common As a Second Language (KCSOL) classes and experience a different kind of life.

The PCs find their hijacked airship just where they left it, still broken. They pull the vital part they stole from their bag of holding, reattach it, and fly off toward Stormreach. Muroni leaves the party there, giving her fellow cleric Jelly a big hug. “I serve the silver dragon Vuulaytherus,” she says. “I study the Prophecy. You have allowed me to watch a particularly important verse unfold. I thank you, and Vuulaytherus thanks you. The dragons have marked you, so perhaps we shall meet again when the next verse reveals itself. Fare you well, my friends.”


The party, having seen the power of Xulo when he is whole, is apprehensive about returning the schema and creation pattern to House Cannith, but Evan’s sense of duty to finishing the job convinces them to hand it over. But maybe they’ll warn Lady Elaydren first, just in case. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt…

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