+4 To Initiative: Your Geek Horoscope for September 2010

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  My name is Ryven Cedrylle and I’m thrilled to have a column here on Geek’sDreamGirl.     Each month, I’ll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.  (Go here for last month’s article!)  As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some inescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where you may or may not have seen them before.  Now – draw your weapon, ready your mind and don’t forget to add your +4 To Initiative!

Horoscopes for September 2010

For Everyone

September 14th/27th – My apologies for being  late this go-round, but stuff has been crazy the last few weeks.  Mail and identity documentation getting lost, false accusations of wrongdoing at my wife’s preschool, our adoption contract incorrectly written, I could keep going.  Based on my recent Twitter feed, I expect many of you could say the same.  Between Mercury being in retrograde and Saturn crossing the closing square (90° angle) to the most recent lunar eclipse point (4° Capricorn), the signs of chaos have been clearly evident if you know where to look.  As with all things, though, “this too shall pass.”  Mercury stations (appears to stand still in the sky) on the 14th at 5° Virgo which should at least patch up the holes in the boat.  The water probably won’t be bailed out completely, though, until the 27th when Mercury reaches 19° Virgo, which is the point where Mercury turned retrograde in the first place.

This range of zodiacal space between retrograde points is sometimes called the “shadow.”  Oddly enough, I’m writing this on September 5, the day Venus enters the shadow of its upcoming October retrograde.  Those of you with more than a passing interest in astrology can do this little experiment with me – jot down anything interesting that happened over Labor Day Weekend in a notebook somewhere.  We’ll compare these notes to the events right around October 6, Nov 20 and Dec 20; I’ll remind you of those dates each month.  I’ll be posting my results here.  If you find your own trends, send them to me at ryvencedrylle@gmail.com and I’ll add them to this column!

OK, enough of that.  Let’s get to the individual signs.


By the 10th, Jupiter has left your home sign, maybe taking some expected opportunities with it.  That being said, if you followed the path towards which you were being pointed last month, the condensation shouldn’t really be a problem.  Furthermore, your ruling planet Mars spends the whole month in close contact with Venus, which is always a good thing, and moves into its other home sign – Scorpio.  You don’t need to go big and bold to enjoy life this month.  The benefit to you is in the ten thousand little pieces of daily life.  An affectionate hug, a little extra money, even just a clear view of the sunset are ways to get in touch with the simple peace and beauty being shown to you in September.   Get yourself a plate of chocolate chip cookies and Mystic Pizza on Netflix to unwind.


In August, the long string of Venus conjunctions is over, though she remains in relatively close proximity to Mars as she slows down and prepares to go retrograde in October.  She’s also opposite you in slight detriment in Scorpio.  Detriment means in a sign opposite one of the planet’s home signs – technically Venus is in detriment in Aries (opposite Libra) but the phenomena is somewhat present in Scorpio as well.  With Neptune squaring you in Aquarius as well as the decrease in Venus’ speed, you may feel the world slowing down and getting a little fuzzy on you.  Slow isn’t really an issue for reserved, cautious Taurus, but ‘fuzzy’ is a  distinctly uncomfortable sensation.  There’s not really a whole lot you can do about this other than just ride it out and try to keep your wits about you.  Ultimately you’re not really in a Don’t Rest Your Head situation, but the game may resonate well with you this month regardless; pick it up and play a couple one-offs if you get the chance.


Both you and Cancer have a lot of influences hitting you despite not actually having any planets in your home signs.  At various points in the month, the Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron are all in other air signs, making beneficial trines (120° angles) to you.  Add in Mercury turning direct on the 14th and it’s a month for catching up on lost ground.  This does not just address the last 4-6 weeks, though.  Many of these planets – Saturn and Chiron in particular – have significance regarding one’s personal past and how it affects you today.  While you can’t actually go back in time and undo the past, sometimes you have the chance today to step into that moment once again and make a new decision, to take the other road.  This is what you should be looking to do this month, Gemini.  Watch the Star Trek: TNG episode “Pegasus” or any other My Greatest Second Chance scenario as example.


Like Gemini, there’s more than a small handful of planets aspecting you though your sign is currently inherently empty.  Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mars and Pallas all aspect you by trine (120° angle), Saturn and the Sun square you (90°) and Pluto opposes you in Capricorn.  Not only that, the recent lunar eclipse point is also opposite you so its no stretch to say you feel like the pressure of the universe is weighing on you.  How are you to navigate these troubled waters?  Many of the planets aspecting you are ‘explosive’ in one way or another.  Pallas, who is Athena, burst forth fully formed from Zeus’ head.  Zeus (Jupiter) wields the thunderbolt.  Uranus is generally considered the planet of irony and shock; Mars (Ares) has a violent temper.  The last thing you want to do in September is be timid or try to nickel-and-dime away your problems.  Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!  Sweep the leg!  Confront your hurdles in large chunks, confidently and with intent to end them.


For the last five months, Leo, I’ve had something interesting to say about you – not so much for September, though.  Juno is leaving your home sign and Neptune and Chiron are just about stationary opposite you, so I expect this coming month to be relatively uneventful compared to what’s come before.  About the only thing worth talking about is the ingress of Mars and Venus into Scorpio, which is an opening square (90° angle) to you.  It may be difficult to discern whether to go to the mountain or try to get the mountain to come to you.  In reality, it’s a little bit of both.  Think of it like Strahd; you don’t want to go into Castle Ravenloft after him, but then again you don’t want him coming to find you either.  Be sure to keep all your interactions on neutral, level ground.


Your month, Virgo, is dominated by primarily two events – the Mercury station and the retrograde ingress of Jupiter into Pisces.  This is a ‘light bulb’ sort of month for you.  The combination of Mercury (thought and intellect) righting itself combined with an introspective Jupiter (growth and expansion) tugging on you make for a “why didn’t I think of that earlier??” moment.  It’s sort of like when Franky is shooting at Fukurou  in One Piece and Fukurou forgets he can double jump and has super speed. We Virgos are a fussy bunch, so don’t kick yourself over your oversight.  We are only human after all.  On the other hand, don’t allow your revelation to lead you off on amusing but ultimately unhelpful side tangents.  Stick to the present issues for now until Mercury passes out of its shadow; THEN you can start thinking ahead again.  Personally, I’m hoping this means I’ll solve the aggregation problems with one of the drug formulations at work and not that I made a giant error in signing that adoption agency contract.  Guess you’ll find out next month, eh?


Mars and Venus are leaving you, Jupiter’s bailing out of Aries opposite you, Cancer and Gemini are empty, we’re already past the Saturn-Pluto square.. what’s left, Libra?  Saturn and Vesta are in your home sign with Neptune and Chiron handing you opening trines (120°) from Aquarius.  There are two ways to run with this.  The first is to do something similar to what Gemini is up to for this month; clean out your closet.  Saturn is about focus and constriction, Vesta symbolizes both tangible and intangible resources and the trines from Neptune/Chiron provide insight and overhead perspective.  Declutter your  life and your living space.  On the other hand, Saturn-Neptune aspects can be powerful indicators for efficient manifesting, shamanistic practice or dream interpretationif you’re into that sort of thing; taking what is imaginary or otherworldly and making it real.  More mystically inclined Libras might want to really consider seriously picking up a spiritual discipline (meditation, fasting, study of holy texts, etc.) to make best use of the available resources.  You have a temporary +2 circumstance bonus to Arcana.  Run with it!


Your ruling planet, Mars, comes home to you this month Scorpio and he’s got Venus with him!  Well, for a  little bit anyway.  Remember a few months back I talked about how you should be playing wingman/wingwoman for your friend(s)?  Time to pay the piper, baby.  It’s hard enough to resist a Scorpio who’s got his or her eye on you, let alone one backed by both of the strongly-gendered planets.  Just be aware that Venus is slowing down to station soon, so you can’t play dark and mysterious forever.  At some point, you’re going to have to commit, to go in for the kill.  While I’ve so far been discussing romantic/sexual relationships for you, Scorpio, the concept is applicable for anything you want to obtain.  Venus is the power of attraction and Mars is the power of aggression.  Like Dracula, you wield them both to your ends and let’s be honest, that level of intensity sends a little shiver of glee up your spine, doesn’t it?  Manipulate the strings carefully and much will be within your reach.


Finally!  Something to talk about besides Ceres!  Your ruling planet, Jupiter, backtracks into its other home sign of Pisces this month which gives you a little strength.  This boost however, is not so much intellectual or physical but spiritual or at least intuitive.  This compounds with the Mercury station in Virgo making a closing square (90°) to you to create a situation where your logical mind is convinced it’s right, though really your best asset is your creativity.  In fact, if you can find a Virgo who’s reached the same conclusion logically that you have instinctively, that’s gold.  Just don’t do it the other way around.  If you’re having trouble communicating your flashes on inspiration effectively, try finding the Hank Pym (minus the paranoia and abuse) to your Wasp and let them do the talking.


Pluto also stations and goes direct this month around the 13th, but given Pluto’s glacial speed, you might be the only one who notices.  If you’re expecting some kind of imminent massive change such as a job transfer, engagement, maybe even the death of a close loved one who’s been sick, that’s the time you’re likely to see it.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you’re safe.  Pluto is so plodding and lumberous that though his machinations are often grand, you see them coming a mile away, like Meteor in Final Fantasy 7.  Pluto transits aren’t usually surprising, though if you try to stand in their way, they will just run you over.   Your ruling planet Saturn is squaring you from Libra, so like last month you’ll have to guard against being overbearing or trying to prevent whatever change Pluto might be bringing.  You can minimize the collateral damage but otherwise, just let it happen.


Once more, everything is happening around you, though not to you.  Unlike previous months, though, you have more responsibility in September to deal with the chaos.  Neptune and Chiron in your home sign continue to feed you inspiration for discovery and healing, and your ruling planet Saturn is sending you support from Libra.  This might show up as a supervisor at work handing off a difficult project to you, being able to invoke some sort of law or tradition to strengthen your case, etc.  Read what I told Libra about manifesting and spiritual practice, though your situation is actually reversed.  Rather than try to realize the unreal, your goal is to surmise further theory or discovery based on what is already known.  Develop concept from fact, but remain humble as you do.  The Venus/Mars conjunction squaring you in Scorpio might tempt you to showboat a bit more than what is helpful – like this.


Jupiter backs up into your sign one last time, Pisces, which is good for you since Jupiter is a benefic (a generally positive influence) AND your sign ruler!  Jupiter and Uranus also conjoin in Pisces around the 16th, which always makes for a good time.  There are very few times better than this to put your vision out there – Mercury stationing opposes you, Venus and Mars make trines and with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction?  Heck yeah!  What is the next mark you want to leave on the world?  A book?  A movie?  An article in Dragon Magazine?  Pitch, pitch pitch!  Talk to anyone who will listen, which should be a good bit more than you’re used to.  You are also up there with Scorpio in terms of signs lucky in love this month, though you tend to find it serendipitously where Scorpio is purposefully going out to catch it.  Be spontaneous, be a little edgy and see if the fish don’t start biting for you.

Ryven Cedrylle is a Christian, husband, scientist, gamer and astrologer – in that order. He contributes regularly to the At-Will Blog and the Power Source Podcast. Find out more about astrology and Ryven’s unique services at Christian Astrology.

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