Waiting for Cataclysm: The Final Push

deathwingWell, we’re in the middle of September, and everything appears to be happening right on schedule in the World of Warcraft.  Rumors are flying about a November 2 release date; a few small world events have begun (my only 80′s are Alliance, but Gnomeregan is a blast); and some of the new changes are now playable via the test realms.  Whether the launch date is really as soon as Nov. 2 or not, Cataclysm is not far away. 

We’re no longer in the stage where we’re killing time before the expansion.  Several of my friends have now moved into panic mode: the stage where you realize that yes, some of this old content is going away, and if there are any achievements or anything else you want you need to get them, now.  I’ve literally heard people say, “but it’s too soon!” Travel back in time and tell yourself that in June, buddy.

Now, something to remember: not everything is changing, and not everything will go away.  It’s really (probably) not the end of the world if you don’t down the Lich King before the expansion comes out.  I’d focus on the things you know are changing: the few instances that are changing or leaving, or the exploration achievements, for example.

Oh, speaking of things changing: I may have been able to check out some of the beta (I’m keeping spoilers to a minimum, here).  Everything I’ve seen so far has been fabulous, really; everything looks great.  Even Stormwind looks better.  However, once you’re immersed in this new world it can be hard to remember exactly how everything was, so really soak in your surroundings in these last weeks.

And as for the altered dungeons I’ve seen: I’d compare it to going to Disney World.  A few of the rides have been refurbished since you last visited.  There are parts that are shiny and new and exciting, but it’s also still the same ride you’ve grown up loving.

So, here we are: in the final push toward Cataclysm.  Have you done everything you’ve wanted to do in the old content?  What are you most anticipating in the expansion?  Will you be heading right for the goblin/worgen fresh start, or will you be hitting those top five levels first?

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