I’m Not Just Excited, I’m Full of Glee!

glee logoAs with many things, I was somewhat of a latecomer to the phenomenon that is Glee.  And as usual, I had no real reason to resist for so long.

After the very first episode, my Facebook news page was alight with people talking about this show.  You could say that because I was a music major in college and a band/drama geek in high school, all of my friends and acquaintances fall into the early adopter and target demographic categories.

Still, I just never got around to seeking it out.  And then it was the middle of summer and a friend came to visit.  When she found out I hadn’t seen Glee, she literally sat me down and made me pull up hulu.com on my TV.  Several of the early episodes were available (I think they corresponded with summer repeats) and we watched them all.  A few weeks later, my friend had gone home, I had ditched cable, and I had more time to catch up – and catch up I did.

Now, I’m not going to lie; part of the reason I like Glee is that I am a music nerd.  I might not have been a singer, but there’s plenty that’s familiar.  Some of my favorite plot lines revolve around getting ready for competition; no matter what you were in high school, there was always some other amazing school that seemed to be populated by robots.

Most of the music is a pretty good mix of popular music from the last 40 years, with a sprinkling of Broadway on top.  I might not recognize every song, but most are beloved and well-known tunes.

However, even if you’re not a huge music dork, there’s still something to be gained from watching this show.  The plots are a pretty good balance of lightheartedness and serious drama.  The roles are, for the most part, acted well – Jane Lynch totally deserved the Emmy she won this year for her consistently hysterical performance, and Mike O’Malley absolutely should have won one for his sincere and heart-melting guest role.

Honestly, it’s a show that manages to be fun and lighthearted while still well-written and well-acted – something that seems to be harder and harder to find nowadays.  Trust me, I like getting immersed in darker shows like Mad Men or LOST, but sometimes it’s nice to come up for a breath of fresh air – and Glee manages to be that without killing brain cells at the same time.  A few of my non-musically inclined, male friends decided to give it a shot, and they like the show for these very reasons (and maybe the pretty girls don’t hurt).

The first episode of the second season aired last night, but it shouldn’t be hard to find if you missed it – just head over to Hulu. I’ve got some ideas already about where this season might be headed – and one of the good things about Glee is that they don’t drag plots out for years. Last year they wrapped up some stories in half a season, while other shows probably would have dragged it out for a full 24 episodes or more.

Am I the only person geeking out over Glee? Were you in chorus/musical theater/band/AV/etc in high school? Do you ever feel like breaking into song? I want to hear your thoughts!

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