How to Earn Money From Your Geekiness

Who said being a geek was a bad thing? Your bank account might disagree if you learn to take advantage of it! Geeks are often naturally better with technology than many others, possessing that ability to quickly understand how some technique or process works and pick apart a solution or product to figure out the “inside story” about it. (Has anyone else here made their mother exasperated by taking apart gadgets instead of using them?)

Put that curiosity and penchant for technology to good use, and learn some methods to make money!

Internet Marketing

You should know first of all that internet marketing is likely one of the fastest-growing interests, but it has a high rate of failure. A lot of people never invest the time needed to succeed, never treat it like a business, or simply don’t understand how people’s attitudes to buying online work.

It’s my belief that geeks may just have a slight advantage here. Often, we are quite likely to buy online ourselves, so if we step back and critically think about marketing and human psychology, we can understand the buying triggers behind our own decisions and use this to help other people.

Geeky or not, a lot of internet marketers genuinely enjoy helping people. We’re often great at digging up information, cures, and solutions, so an example of an internet marketing product you could get into is creating your own information products and selling them. There are a lot of options and almost limitless niches, so you’ll have to research how to find a niche, write a product, and run an ecommerce site for digital products first.

Website Design and Techie Skills

There are plenty of people who hate doing “techie” things. It’s amazing how many people will pay others just to take care of fixing problems, installing new plugins or themes on WordPress, coding HTML sites, and other relatively simple tasks.

If you’re one of those people who actually enjoy these kinds of tasks, it can be a fun way to make some extra money on the side. Advertise your services and try to attract repeat clients who use you for all their technology skill-related needs.

General Computer Skills

You might not be so keen on designing websites or fixing them, but you still might be better at some aspect of computers than a non-geek who only just started to learn how to use a computer. If you’ve ever been complimented on how well you can fix Windows errors, how fast you type, or how patient you are, have you considered teaching people computer skills?

This is a fantastic way to help other people upgrade their employability and skills while making some change for yourself. You do have to be patient and resist the urge to say, “Here, give me that mouse, I’ll do it,” every time your student runs into an issue. Teaching them the “why” as well as the “how” can help them understand issues and solve them on their own next time.

Non-Computer Geeks

Don’t worry, I’m well aware that there are plenty of geeks who don’t really obsess over computers or technology glitches. Maybe you obsess over knitting, anime, or something else entirely; if this is the case, you still might be able to turn a profit from your interests.

See if anyone is eager to learn what you know. Teaching or tutoring others about the things you’re passionate about is immensely satisfying and relatively easy if you know what you’re doing! If your skills involve creation of things (digital or not), you can sell what you make or even the knowledge of how to make it (knitting patterns are a booming trade, or so I’ve heard).

Be Creative!

If you just can’t find a job anywhere else, or you want some spare change and have some spare time, think of how your geek status enables you to do, know, or be something that challenges others. You may just hit upon a goldmine.

Been There, Done That?

Have you ever tried to make money from your interests before? How did it go?

Are you interested in learning more about the topic, or are you happy to leave your interests as hobbies and not income-generating activities?

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