Dudes of Legend: Big Dumb Fun

You could say I take roleplaying games pretty seriously. I spend at least two evenings a week playing, I write a column about them every other week, and oh yeah, I even co-own a publishing company for RPG products. I’m big on deep, detailed, long-running campaigns with lots of character development and meaningful stories.

Sometimes, though…even the most hard-core gamer (like me) just wants to take a little break from the main campaign and play something else for a session or two. Something that you’re not heavily invested in, something without an underlying plot, something that’s just for fun. A decidedly non-serious game.

Are you looking for a RPG that makes for a fun change of pace? Do I have the game for you: Dudes of Legend!

How To Be Freaking Awesome

Dudes of Legend was released by White Wolf Publishing (the folks behind the World of Darkness) on April Fool’s Day (the release date alone should give you a clue as to the content). It’s not an all-new game; it’s a PDF supplement providing new rules for World of Darkness. Unlike some “joke” products put out by gaming companies, Dudes of Legend is a solid piece of work, a legitimate supplement for the game. The writers took it seriously enough to do a good job, and that’s the key in a just-for-fun product.

Is this serious stuff, though? Oh my, no. And that’s what makes it so much fun!

Dudes of Legend gives you rules for the wild, weird, and bizarre, and encourages you to power-game to the maximum level of awesomeness. Want to play a lesbian stripper ninja? What would be a ridiculous character concept in any other setting makes perfect sense here. Your weapon of choice is a sex toy? No problem! Want a game that plays like a trippy music video? Lady GaGa, meet Ziggy Stardust. If you can dream it in your most warped, psychedelic dreams, you can play it in this game.

If it sounds crazy and chaotic, that’s because it is. It’s also pretty dirty. Really dirty, in fact. Don’t play this one with the kids, OK?

The Legend In Action

My first exposure to Dudes of Legend was a game run by my buddy K. Our league of heroes were all employees of the Naked Truth Detective Agency/Strip Club. The motley crew consisted of three sex-toy wielding strippers/detectives (one of them played by yours truly!), a non-stripper female detective who tried to keep the rest of us from diving into the deep end of the sin pool, a gunslinger named Alabama Smith, and a male bouncer/detective named Sue.

What was the plot of our game, you ask? Stripper perfume (and cologne) laced with a drug that made people go mad. It set off an angry mob that we had to take down with sex toys and a seductive unicorn, among other things. Our goal was to find out who was lacing the perfume, with what, and why. We didn’t manage to solve the crime in our one and only session, probably because we were all laughing too hard to accomplish much of anything. We eagerly await our storyteller’s return from his latest deployment with the military so we can finish the story. It was only supposed to be a one-shot, but we all loved it so much we demanded more.

I have no doubt that you could take the Dudes of Legend rules and make a real game out of it. As long as you can handle the hilarity, it’s big dumb fun. I think it’s especially well-suited for breaks between long-running games, to cleanse the palette.

If you play with uber-serious gamers who can’t handle anything too weird, Dudes of Legend probably isn’t the game for you. But if everyone at the table can laugh at themselves, deal with the absurd and the raunchy, and happily throw logic out the window, what are you out giving it a try?

Have you ever played in a Dudes of Legend game? Are there other crazy games you like to play just for kicks?

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