+4 to Initiative: Your Geek Horoscope for October 2010

Welcome, friends, to “+4 To Initiative: Astrology for Geeks!”  My name is Ryven Cedrylle and I’m thrilled to have a column here on Geek’s Dream Girl.     Each month, I’ll be giving you a heads-up on the  upcoming planetary trends and cycles so you can make the best of all the information astrology has to offer.  (Go here for last month’s article!)  As you read the forecasts for your sign, remember that astrology is not meant to predict some inescapable destiny but to open up opportunities where you may or may not have seen them before.  Now – draw your weapon, ready your mind and don’t forget to add your +4 To Initiative!

Horoscopes for October 2010

For Everyone:

October 8th – Last month I mentioned the Venus retrograde and encouraged you to keep a diary of events at certain times in  order to see astrology in action in your own life.  The second event in the cycle we’re going to watch here is on October 8th, the Venus station to retrograde.  (The first, if you recall, was Venus entering the ‘shadow’ of her retrograde over Labor Day Weekend.)  Since this article will go up before the second event, I have neither anything to share personally nor from any readers, so that will have to wait until next month, but stay tuned!   If you find your own trends, send them to me at ryvencedrylle@gmail.com and I’ll add them to this column!

In the meantime, let’s talk a little about Venus retrograde.  I’ve talked ad nauseum about what retrogade is astronomically, so I won’t repeat myself.  Go back to pretty much any previous article if you need a quick refresher.  Now of all the planets than can go retrograde – everything but the Sun and Moon, really – Venus does so with the second-least frequency.  Where as the outer belt planets (Jupiter to Pluto) station and retrograde once per year and Mercury does it three times annually, Venus only backs her thang up once about every 18 months, give or take one due to the eccentricity (elliptical nature) of both Venus’ and Earth’s orbits.  Only Mars has a slower retrograde frequency, running over two years between occurrences.  The last Venus retrograde occurred on April 18, 2009 – 17 months ago.  Due to Venus’ wide sphere of influence – love, art, femininity, money, and personal values among others – pinning down the exact nature of any particular retrograde cycle is difficult.  Still, given the sign it goes retrograde in (Scorpio), we can at least give a few general helpful hints:  Understand that everyone’s sensitivities are going to be a little more heightened, particularly toward things that are generally considered ‘off-limits’ or taboo.  If you find your sex life drops off, don’t panic.  Figure out the root cause and address it; physical intimacy can suffer more drastically now from stress and unwillingness to let go of reservations.  Avoid high-risk/high-yield investments; we’re likely to see another relatively minor but noticeable market correction soon though overall financial astrologer Raymond Merriam predicts the end of the year to be a rally in stocks and assets.  It is, however, a good time to reassess joint business partnerships or family savings plans,  update your will, or find a new favorite heavy metal rock band.

OK, enough of that.  Let’s get to the individual signs.


The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mercury come into a fairly tight stellium (grouping of more than two planets) on the 7th.  If you’re an early to mid-Aries (roughly Mar 24 to April 4), bad news could very well be on the way.  If not, say a quick prayer of thanks but still be prepared to have some serious internal conflict going on around that time.  Later Aries natives are staring down the business end of a Vesta opposition and are probably feeling like you don’t have the resources to deal effectively with what’s going on in your life.  Generally speaking, Aries is in a position to keep second-guessing itself, which is not something Aries does well.  The key is to make sure you think everything through fully, not run off of feeling.  “[For] what king, as he goes to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to meet the one who comes against him with twenty thousand?”


Venus is your ruling planet and she goes retrograde in the sign opposite you, Scorpio.  That’s kinda rough.  Sorry. :(
Everything I said above about Venus goes double for you.  You may get to the point where you feel like you have to choose between your relationships and yourself.  Wait until Venus stations again in November before you make that choice, because you may not have to.  Of course, that doesn’t mean the interim isn’t still difficult.  You’re also one of the more discerning signs.  Quality is big for you so if you find yourself shopping for wine on a beer budget (or so the saying goes), really own the beer instead.  Risus, Microlite20 and Wushu are all popular free RPGs if you can’t afford a new book this month but want to try out something new.


So let’s see – there’s nothing in your home sign, nothing in Sagittarius, the Saturn-Jupiter/Uranus opposition is too wide to be really hitting you from Pisces, you’re quincunxed and thus sort of ‘out of the way’ of the Venus situation..  what is there to..  ah!  Here we are!  First off, you’re still getting an opening trine (120°) from the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury for the first half of the month.  Also, Juno just bumped from Leo into Virgo, giving you the opening square (90°) on that one as well.  That puts you in place to come to Scorpio’s aid this month.  Normally, Scorpio is the one saying edgy, controversial stuff but with everyone walking on eggshells, she’s getting the cold shoulder.  Someone needs to point out the elephant in the room, Gemini, and that person is you.  This is good, since you like to talk anyway and people generally like you – or at least don’t dislike you.  As much as it pains me to use this reference, think of Roaslie from Twilight, the only character in the Cullen clan with enough nerve to bring up how being a vampire is basically not very fun when the family discusses changing Bella.  That’s more or less what you should be doing this month.


Aren’t you the lucky one, Cancer?  Another month where everything is happening around you, but not necessarily AT you.  As the Cardinal Water sign, you get access to the Venus retrograde in Scorpio, the Libra stellium, Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces and Ceres’ entrance into Capricorn!  Really, the Venus turnaround and Ceres are your two primary influences.  Money is likely to be a big issue for you this month as both Venus and Ceres are money planets.  If you’re fortunate enough to not be raiding the couch seats to pay the bills, you’ll want to think about spending your money in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.  That is, what can you do with your disposable income that makes it less throw-away?  Charity?  Investing more of it into one of your hobbies or collections?  Saving toward some future large purchase, like the Sultan gaming table?  I bring this up because you’re somewhat more prone to simple frivolous spending as the tension increases in October and you could quickly fritter away money you really wanted to use for something else if you had just sat down and thought about it for a moment.


The Fire signs are empty this month, Leo, but Venus’ retrograde is square to you – the opening square to be exact.  Pallas and Mars are also hanging around in Scorpio; they have something to say as well.  Mars, Venus and Pallas are all dynamic, motion-oriented planets.  Mars is aggression or competition, Venus is attraction or transaction, Pallas is inspiration or creation.  In the opening square, you’re lacking these drives.  You can feel lethargic or unmotivated for what seems to be no good reason.  Get up!  Yes, it’s against your mood, but you want to do this, trust me.  Go for a walk, go write a blog post, go do something. The more you let the apathy sit in, the harder it is to get rid of.  If you’re the type that likes support groups, let me recommend a feature of this very site (and another fun ‘+ number to stat’ to boot!), the +5CHA community!  Several notable RPG folks including our very own E, Chris Simms (a former Wizards staffer) and Quinn Murphy of the At-Will blog among many others are involved with this vibrant get-fit accountability party.


You get a new houseguest, Virgo, just in time for the Venus retrograde – Juno!  Juno is the symbol of functional partnerships, including spouses, roommates, business partners, etc.  Any time you’re talking about getting two people to operate together harmoniously – whether there’s physical attraction there or not – that’s Juno.  With Juno coming into your home sign, it’s an excellent time to get your networking on, find some folks with whom you share common ground.  You’re already pretty good with being polite and inoffensive, so the whole retrograde thing isn’t quite as big of a deal for you.  In fact, you can very well come out ahead what with your natural humility and attention to fine detail.  Go ahead and lean on those Diplomacy checks for a while – it’s a primary skill for October!


The Sun and Mercury come careening through your home sign this month, quickly requiring you to switch gears from last month’s touchy-feely stuff.  However, you’re not the one doing the talking so much as much as you are being talked at.  You have a way of keeping things fair and balanced, so that makes you the natural choice for when morale starts dropping off.  Channel a little of your opposing sign, Aries, as you do this – be bold and decisive.  To some extent, it’s against your nature, but remember Saturn is hanging around in your home sign as well, and he’s all about that kind of stuff.  Try not to let your feelings get in the way, settling disputes with as much objectivity as possible.  Think Morgan from the Dresden Files series, but with less greatsword.


There’s a hubbub in the sky, Scorpio, and its coming from your place.  Hopefully you finished any business last month cleanly and without lingering loose ends, because “your kind just ain’t welcome ’round these parts, stranger.” (Cue pistol click!)  You’ve still got a lot of mojo running with Mars and Pallas in your home sign, but the Venus retrograde makes your particular brand of cutting insight and interest in the real bottom line less attractive.  Watch for this in the upcoming election season; I expect it to be unusually light on content and heavy on schmoozing, which is saying a lot.  If you really have something important to communicate, see if you can get Gemini to do it.  Other than that, just sit tight and stuff should come back to normal for you around the first of December.


Pallas comes waltzing into your home sign about halfway through the month, Sagittarius, which should bring with it a bolt of inspiration!  Pallas is all about creative problem solving and right-brain thinking.  Thus having her in your sign makes you something of a Odysseus this month, never at a loss.  The trick to effectively working with Pallas (a.k.a Athena, goddess of justice, victory in battle and oddly enough, sewing) is to not try to force her.  When you get stuck on something, go do a different task and let your mind clear.  Only then can you make the analogies and see the patterns that Pallas is so good at pointing out.  Maybe keep a notebook or a PDA or something around for when the ideas hit you.


Having stared at Ceres for several months now, waiting for her to cross into your home sign, she finally takes the last steps into Capricorn.  It’s a welcome change for you as Ceres tends to bring a quiet peace with her.  She symbolizes self-esteem, base income (or what I call ‘daily bread’ as opposed to Venus or Pluto who deal with income beyond basic needs), the changing of seasons and maternal-type stuff.  That makes October a relatively pleasant month.  You get the chance to do the things that promote personal fulfillment and stability.  Really focus on recharging your personal battery in the next few weeks whether that means reading, exercising, sleeping, building a new website, whatever.  (Yes, I know people who find HTML to be OK R&R and RAM as good as REM)  You’ve still got a long way to go with Pluto in your home sign and Ceres only comes through once every couple years – make the best of it.


No more dodging the bullet for you, Aquarius.  The world will eventually catch up with you and so it does in October.  You’re Fixed Air, so anything happening in Scorpio and Libra catches you pretty solidly.  As one would normally expect, you have the opposite situation of your friendly rival Leo.  Where Leo can’t seem to get his butt off the couch, you can’t seem to sit down for any appreciable amount of time.  Where’s all this extra energy coming from?  Stress?  A new mattress?  Maybe some acai berries?  Who knows.  Point being, you need to focus it into something lest it just drag you around from one half-finished project to another like a poorly-played game of Bohnanza. If that isn’t flying, maybe someone else’s project is more interesting.  Hit up all those social networking sites you love so much and see if you can’t put that restlessness to good use elsewhere.  I know I could put you to work…


You’re in sort of a weird place this month, Pisces.  Juno moves to oppose you in Virgo, putting tension on your working relationships, but the Venus retrograde actually trines you (120° angle) which is generally considered to be a positive thing.  What you need to look out for is letting your personal feelings get in the way of doing business.  You’re already a sensitive, perceptive type so if everyone else gets edgy, you can maneuver around it well.  Just don’t put yourself in awkward or socially dangerous situations for someone else’s good.  Avoid getting intimately involved with coworkers – a good piece of advice at any time but especially poignant now.  It can be difficult for you to not want to empathize with others but trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Ryven Cedrylle is a Christian, husband, scientist, gamer and astrologer – in that order. He contributes regularly to the At-Will Blog and the Power Source Podcast. Find out more about astrology and Ryven’s unique services at Christian Astrology.

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