Another Wedding?! A GeekMMM Success Story

Our most inexpensive service here at Geek’s Dream Girl is GeekMMM: the Geek Monthly Matchmaking Mailer. It’s a monthly newsletter with a featured article, two Geeks of the Month, discounts and other goodies. It’s free for ladies and only $10 for a lifetime membership for gentlemen.

The best part is that if I see two members that are compatible, I’ll do the Cupid deal and get you all talking and hopefully dating.  A couple days ago, I received a success story from an early member of GeekMMM who said I could share it with you:


About a year ago, you asked if I wanted to be featured as the geeky girl of the month in your newsletter. I had recently started dating my DM so I declined. I just wanted to let you know that that we got married on the 28th of August. We are blissfully playing D&D every other week and he runs a solo Pathfinder campaign for me. It’s a match made in gaming heaven.

Thanks for giving me the push I needed to be persistent in the face of his shyness and awkwardness. If I hadn’t been reading your blog at the time, I might have assumed he wasn’t interested. Instead, I assumed he was merely inexperienced (which was the case) and now I have the man of my dreams. I highly encourage any girl who wants to be loved forever to marry a geek!


Hooray for geek love!  I can’t promise every GeekMMMer is going to have similar success, but I’m busting my geeky butt trying.

Won’t you join the club?

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