What Disney Rides Would Be Good Movies?

man from CoPA few months back, Guillermo del Toro raised eyebrows when he announced at Comic-Con that he would be making a new Haunted Mansion movie, one that would be scarier.  This thrilled me, because while in retrospect the 2003 version of The Haunted Mansion did capture many facets of the ride (the silly, the funny, the scary), there was always something about it that felt jumbled, didn’t have that singular atmosphere that, say, Pirates of the Caribbean did.

So today I was hunting about for some information and I came across this article, which is a treasure trove of speculation about future Disney ride-related movies.  Jungle Cruise? Tomorrowland?  David Fincher-led 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?  My head is spinning.

Now  I want your ideas for movies based on Disney rides, past and present.  It can be an honest pitch, or something silly.  Here’s a few I’ve come up with:

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

This ride always felt like it was based on a movie anyway; why not run with it?  A greedy corporation dealing in technology that hasn’t quite gotten all the kinks out makes a fatal mistake.  Now only Ripley can… wait, scratch that last bit.  Reprising their original roles are Kathy Najimy, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Curry and Tyra Banks (yeah, that was Tim Curry and Tyra Banks, don’t you remember?).

Carousel of Progress

A family moves into a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, only to find themselves trapped in a kind of hellish portal through time.  Seemingly without schedule they wake up in any given decade, and are forced by a disembodied “Master” to play out their dollhouse lives without anachronism.   After a while, however, they are horrified to discover that they continue to age…

It’s a Small World

Due to unspecified events, the planet is no longer useable.  Mankind’s only hope for survival is a ship populated with a selection of the world’s people – and they’re all children.  A coming-of-age tale, these children build a new society, form political factions, and fall in love – unable to grasp the hopeless odds of finding a New Earth.

So how about you?  What rides would you like to see made into movies, or re-imagined into new ones?

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