Poo The Card Game: Good Clean Fun

Poo coverRecently, Sandstorm Productions approached us and asked if we’d like to try out Poo: The Card Game.  I’m always happy to try out a fun (and hopefully silly) card game, so I was eager to give it a shot.

When the card game first arrived, I admit there was a little trepidation.  It’s not unusual for my sense of humor to be downright juvenile, but I wondered if the metric tonne of poo puns (see? there I go) was too much for even me.   A few of the puns were bordering on the gross side… I was skeptical.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried.  The game play itself is fast-paced enough that you’re not really spending much time overthinking or conjuring up visuals – and I admit, I went from a little smirk to giggling every time I played a card where I could say “Right in the face.”

Game play is simple and speedy.   Each player is dealt five cards, and each turn you can either play a card or discard and draw a new one.  There are attack cards (worth varying amounts of Poo) and block cards that you can play instantly (these, too, are varied, sometimes turning the Poo on the one slinging it).

When you get 15 points of Poo you’re out of the game – but wait!  There are also “clean” cards that remove varying amounts of Poo from one or more players, and crazy cards played when you go out of the game that can royally screw everyone else.  Thus, the points can wildly change at any given moment, and it’s not long before you’re trying out strategies to maximize your chances at survival.

I tried out the game with only one other player, and this has its pros and cons.  For one thing, games go by pretty quickly, so you can try several rounds, several different strategies, without getting worn out or losing interest.  On the other hand, I suspect the amount of laughter and silliness grows exponentially with every additional player.  The deck is pretty large – enough for up to eight players.  That’s a lot of “Right in the face.”   I can’t wait to try it out with my family, including my two ten-year-old nephews, who I’m pretty certain will find it hilarious.

Which brings me to another point – though this game is called Poo, it’s a pretty clean-cut, all-ages sort of game.  It’s not intended to be played solely by kids, but it’s definitely kid-friendly.  And it manages to walk a very fine line of being cute with the Poo puns, without crossing the line into gross territory (despite my early reservations).

I suppose the big question is: did I like it?  Well, I don’t know that it earns a place in my Favorite Games Hall of Fame, but it’s got some things going for it, for sure: it’s an easy game that you can quickly play with a big group of people and have lots of silly fun.  I like trying all sorts of games, but let’s face it, sometimes just explaining all the rules of a game will sap some of the life from the party and put people to sleep.  Not so with Poo – it’s grab and go (I know, I’m awful).

Also a plus: the new print run (coming out this month) comes complete with a price cut – down to just less than $10.  So if you’re looking for something fun to pull out at the next family gathering, party or your kid’s next sleepover, something that goes well with a sugar buzz, something that even your non-geeky friends will want to play – you might want to scoop up Poo.

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